Sunday, August 5, 2012


I know some people who like to have breakfast all day. The kind who wish to have tuyo for breakfast, spam for lunch and tapa for dinner. I don't belong to that category but from time to time, I want to have pancakes and bacon. I also crave for tapa from Rodic's and yes, I can have spam all day. If not for the salt and calorie factor, i will have it every day. You get it right, marami akong favorite food.

In those many instances that I browse whatever magazine that I can lay my hand on while waiting for my food, services or whatever, Southern Living featured an all-day breakfast place in Makati: Agahan.

The Place

The restaurant is located in small restaurant complex along Metropolitan Ave, San Antonio Village, Makati. It is a 50-seater place decorated in a perky mood: the way we should all wake up in the morning. The walls are painted blue, green, red and yellow and chairs in red. There's a yellow breakfast nook for solo diners. The whole theme is a well-executed modern take on the 50s diner vibe.

The Food

As can be expected, menu is breakfast fares: silogs, pancake sets and hot chocolate/coffee/orange juice.

Ligaya's Tapa (PhP 150)

Beef tapa, egg and rice with coffee or tea. You can have the egg sunny-side up or scrambled. The beef tastes like your regular carinderia beef. It tastes okay and a bit hard. Rice is also not of good quality. You can easily make this dish at home.

Tinapa (PhP 110)

Tinapa with garlic rice and salted egg. Same as the tapa above, it's your typical tinapa cooked at home. Nothing fancy. The tinapa is standard grocery/palengke kind, you can't get too creative with the salted egg and the rice is also not great.

Hot Chocolate (PhP 60)

Hot chocolate made from tablea - minimally processed cacao. It's thick but can get thicker considering that tablea is used. The good point is they've been generous with milk - or that's how it tastes like. Again, nothing special.

Cranberry Juice (PhP 50)

Powdered or some form of artificially cranberry juice. It's refreshing enough, not too sweet. It's okay, nothing spectacular.

In Summary

1. The vibe of the place is awesome. You can have meetings, quiet morning reading the paper or a casual breakfast date any time of the day. WiFi is also free. There's not much place in Makati which is marketed as an all-day breakfast place. 

2. In my personal opinion, the restaurant should improve on their food to stay long in the market. The food tastes something you can quickly whip up at home. I think that's okay if you want your place to be carinderia-type. However, if you want diners to shell out, you should have something special in each dish.

3. Price is ~PhP 150/ dish. Relatively cheap for Makati. If they will improve the taste of the food, then this price point can seal the deal.

102 Metropolitan Ave
San Antonio Village, Makati

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