Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Raining Again...

... and I haven't ran for more than a week. These make me sad among other things such as change in plans and bureaucracy in some government institutions (Hey! I pay my tax properly!). So tonight I have decided that complaints and whining end here and I am choosing happiness. 

So does my eye bags.

The flowers on my dining table. Carnations! It's my and Person A's favorite, among other flowers.

I got the flowers for our monthsary. We don't celebrate monthsaries, I forget it more often than he does. But yeah, the gesture is kilig.

My camel pumps which I wore tonight (at home!) just because I can.

The show we watched last Sunday night. It was good and breath-taking. I'll tell you more about it when I have the time. Maybe in September.

What made it more fun was it was with friends.

Last night, we celebrated the birthday of another friend. Notice Person A's fake mohawk. I teased him that he changed his hairstyle because I now dig Bobak Ferdowsi. =P

Enjoyed good food from Stella. I'll also share the restaurant with you.

And of course dessert from our favorite cafe, Diamond Cake Club.

Hooray! For growing old. 

With that, I sign off and get a restful sleep.

Good night. 

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