Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Derivatives are Coming!

A few days back, I was in a MORE-GEEKY-THAN-USUAL dinner with friends. It felt like I was in a Big Bang Episode. Only that I wasn't Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, nor Raj.... I was Penny! 

Here's one of the jokes that I find hilarious at this point because of a number of things.

[Joke published with permission from "Author/Sharer"]

There was a party where all the math functions are present.

There's f(x) = x, f(x) = x^2, f(x) = cos(x), and a lot others. 

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Suddenly f(x) = sqrt(x) shouted in panic: THE DERIVATIVES ARE COMING! THE DERIVATIVES ARE COMING! 

Pandemonium reigned. Everyone in the party ran for their lives, ALL EXCEPT f(x) = e^x. 

A fellow function asked him: aren't you going to run and hide? 

e^x replied "I AM e^x, d/dx WILL NEVER CHANGE ME." 

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And so e^x was left in the middle of the hall, undeterred, minding his own thing. 


d/dy was among them.

e^x said, "OH CRAP"

Okay, now is the time to laugh. -(",)-*wink*

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kirin makes Teas, too

I love doing my grocery shopping. I love it so much that I do it inefficiently, I do it weekly.

What gets me more excited is doing my grocery shopping in a foreign grocery store, maybe it be out of the country or here. It's the "I really don't know what I am getting with this purchase" feeling gets me all giddy. And yes, I am compelled to pick an item or two, just for the heck of trying any product. More often than not, I don't understand its label.

A couple of weeks back, I dropped by a Korean grocery store in Baguio and got some instant noodles. The one Nestee and I had is good, doesn't taste "instant" at all. The premium ice cream that we tried has an excellent texture.

Early this evening, I dropped by the local Japanese grocery store. I thought about buying ingredients and cook something Japanese but that's just too complicated for my meager cooking skills. I just decided to get some tea and coffee. I am a self-confessed tea addict. I now like it with my fried chicken.

All the while, I thought Kirin just makes beer. It makes good tea, too.

And yes, by doing my foreign grocery thing, I also learn a thing or two.

Quarter Life and Loving It

I am embracing my 25th year by migrating to this new blog! I've chronicled my life in this site  but Multiply is so 2008, hence I need a sustainable platform where I can share my so called "Colored Dreams.

Life's been very kind to me. 

Still a wanderlust

Still very much in love.

Still willing to learn a lot of things.

Again, welcome to my "Colored Dreams".


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