Monday, January 5, 2015

Hola 2015!

Day 5 of 2015 and I have mixed emotions about the new year;  mainly because I came down with a flu on the last day of 2014 that has now progressed to full-blown sickness with matching rashes, pa! As I was lying in bed this afternoon, the misery bug hit me since I have 647 things to accomplish and here I am wanting needing to sleep all day. Since I have decided to be a Negatron-no-more this year, I did a quick review the past 5 days and realized that indeed it was amazing and there's so much to be thankful for. I am writing it down to remind myself that life is beautiful. 

The Cunanans welcomed the New Year with the Regalados. I find it odd and honestly, quite happy, that I am now more comfortable with my married name. 

The day after we flew to the island for our mini getaway. 

You see, hours after we found out that we lost Ziggy I told Person A that I want to disappear. After sorting out what "disappear" means, we settled that a few days on the beach would be best for this water baby and he promised to take me once I am medically-well to enjoy the sea. 

Enjoy, we did!

It was another do-nothing vacation with 2 agenda. The first one is to eat:

Which includes having my favorite cup of coffee on the beach. Kababawan sharing, one of the reasons why I put Boracay on top of my beach list is because there's Starbucks. 

Since we found out that the newly-weds Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are on the island, I cranked my stalking mechanism which resulted to this particular foodie date 

had us seated quite close to the honeymooners. 

Bato at salamin lang ang pagitan. Pardon the photo, we did not want to disturb them.

I have a jologs confession to make, I am a follower of Marian's instagram account because I like her outfits. I find her daily wear very classy; it helps that it is mostly D&G and Celine dresses. Thus, the effort to stalk the two. I am happy to report that she was covering herself with Hermes scarf when she passed by my lounge chair and was carrying a Goyard as a beach tote. 

I am not disappointed. 

The second agenda on our list is to relax. And we accomplished that doing strolls...

... and building sand arts. 

Let's start off with my profession of love. 

Person A's art. 

I insisted to make a whale or a shark ala like this. 

With Person A's direction, we were able to craft a dolphin. 

Not bad, teammate! Pa-selfie, nga dyan!

So there! Similar to this dogs, the beach did me good. I am in a state of bliss. 

Despite the hustle and bustle around us, we should be focused on what is important in life. 

I should learn to accept that there a lot of things that I cannot control and these curveballs are in fact necessary in life. When the misery bug hits, the best pick me upper is to have a grateful heart. 

So 2015, I am so ready for ya!


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