Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chris Tiu

No Wedding Wednesday tonight but this is very closely-related to weddings. In fact, this goes beyond the topic of wedding and discusses a bit on choosing your lifetime partner. 

At least my take on it.

I have shared simple rules in choosing a lifetime partner after realizing that it's rare to find someone who's Brad Pitt-gwapo, Einsten-matalino, Pope Francis-bait and Bill Gates-yaman all in one package. I am not saying that I have downgraded my standards but I just made it realistic enough not to get caught up in glossy-standards husband material. So here's the standard I came up with when I realized that looks and body don't make the cut to make the perfect husband.

1. Have 3-5 non-negotiables traits. Long before I started dating Person A I already have an idea that I want someone who (1) believes in my God (2) prioritizes (future) wife and family (3) supports your goals and ambitions in life (4) smart enough to carry an interesting conversation about anything and everything especially when we are old and grey (5) has a goal and ambition in life.

2. The rest, you create your ideal man. Meaning for the negotiables such as fashion sense you can just influence your man. At the end of the day, you're not marrying the Kenzo shirt he's wearing nor the company he keeps rather you are marrying the understanding and respectful person wearing the Margiela button-down. 


Another point I always share with my friends, who are mostly approaching late 20s, never ever short-change yourself. You always deserve that perfect man. He will arrive at the most perfect time: when you -as a person have sorted out all your issues - and is ready to share yourself with another individual. In my case, I still had a lot to work on myself when I started out with Person A but God gave me the gift of time to address my flaws in order to be ready for marriage. And I am still working on myself in order to be the best would-be wife I can be.

So my dear girls, if you are with that a**hole who constantly cheats on you, makes you feel like you're not the most beautiful girl in the world when you're PMS-ing (that's pre-menstrual syndrome), who doesn't have the time to listen to your petty woes... then I think it's time to re-think whether you're with the right one. 

The reason why I wrote this post is that I want to share that I am amazed by Chris Tiu. To me, he's one of the embodiments of "the perfect guy". 

Also, let's establish that:

"I am NOT a Chris Tiu fanatic nor have I turned myself into one. In fact I was in a 2-leg flight with him and my male companions were more giddy than I am that we were on the same plane as he was. I was glued to Malcolm Gladwell's Outlier the entire time. I don't have a crush on Chris Tiu but I do admire him. 

Also, I am highlighting Chris Tiu because he's popular and everybody knows him. Let it be known that I have a number of guy friends who are perfect catches as well -(",)-*wink* Fiance, definitely, included! 

Here are the reasons why I think Chris Tiu is the kinda guy you should bring home to your parents:

Apart from being a celebrated professional basketball player, an entrepreneur, top notch student, celebrity, his family happens to own the Discovery chain of hotels...

He was SK Chairman, a barangay tanod at Urdaneta Village (may dala kaya siyang batuta at sumasakay sa tricycle?), he has a blog (and he writes real articles!) entitled AMDG!, and he is in an 11-year relationship with his girlfriend... his only girlfriend. 

And here's his take on chastity.

Urdaman, Chris-shiu!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I have always been vocal on my love for cupcakes. Last week, this love has spilled over to my toenails and finger nails.

I found my perfect, pink polish.

Orly's Cupcake. 

I always love anything delicate and this shade has that perfect balance of sweetness, class and subtlety. It is blush pink with hints of lavender. It doesn't come out too saccharine sweet, very unobtrusive and would complement any skin tone. It comes out washed out in this photo but up close, it's really pretty. Until I find the next perfect, pink shade, Cupcake it shall be.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Videographer

A lot of couples allocate a chunk of their budget on wedding videography. In our prioritization of things, videography is a mid-level one but I was able to bully charm my way to let Person A agree to book a videographer early on. My business case was: I want to preserve as much memory as we can and I think video is one good way of immortalizing what has happened on your most important day. Let's establish it that we don't have a movie-star-budget hence we chose based on the highest ratio on quality/service price. We also tried to look at their shooting style and if we do have rapport with the men behind the cameras and the editor. We want to be very comfortable on the day of our wedding.

We are happy to share that the supplier we booked already increased their price by 33% hence that was a good PhP X0, 000 savings.

I don't need to introduce the videographers I listed down below but I do hope that their work will inspire you.

Let's start with the in-demand Jason Magbanua. I think he is the risk-taker among the premium lot and I agree he is more of a storyteller coupled with strong visuals. Take a look at this sensory overload. He captured all the important happenings during the wedding.  I say this will forever go down on my list as one of the top favorites.

Let's go to the less expensive choice. Here's Wang Videography's wedding compilation. They're still a bit raw and do some template videos but I think they have that skill to make it big: it's the story telling bit and strong visual that's present but needs a little polishing.

Mayad. I think Mayad is the classic choice. Very classy and elegant. Very neat. If I can afford them, I would have hired Mayad.

Then there's THE Bob Nicolas. I like Bob's work. It's very cinematic and more often than not, his video makes me cry. He is my favorite in the list.

Here's his Weddings More Fun in the Philippines campaign.

Share your wedding videographer pick with me.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Ryan Reynolds + Blake Lively

I would push for couples who are this gorgeous to have at least 30 babies. That's what Ryan and Blake want. 

Before we talk about their baby-making agenda, let's step back and discuss their September 2012 secret wedding. I've always wondered what the feel was like - simply put - these 2 are one of the most stylish couples in Hollywood - so it follows that the wedding would be stylish.

Luck is on our side, they shared some of the photos with Martha Stewart Wedding and here's the preview set.

Can I say, I love every bit of it! From the choice of neutral colors with gold highlight, to the effortlessly chic decors and the whimsical gown. Just my kinda wedding.

The stylish invite

The dreamy silk tulle gown with illusion neckline by, Marchesa. Well done, Georgina and Keren. 

Top choice on my list.

Here's the bouquet that very well enhances the gown.

Lovely, lovely dessert table.

Guests feasted on s'mores bars

Espresso beans

And little cakes.

This is what I call a relaxed, chic affair. 

I love the wedding to bits.

Cheers to a lifelong partnership, Ryan and Blake.

P.S. Just in case you're interested on their list of wedding partners, here it is. :P

Chef: Mike Lata of FigCalligraphy: Elizabeth Porcher JonesMusic: Debut (843-478-1956)Rentals: Ooh! EventsSnyder Event RentalsBride's Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses: MarchesaShoes: Christian LouboutinGroom and Groomsmen's Suits:BurberryBride's Hair: Rod Ortega of Solo ArtistsBride's Makeup: Elaine Offers ofExclusive ArtistsBouquet Ribbon: Hyman Hendler & SonsCeremony Furniture: Aidan GraySilhouette Artist: Patti Rishforth ofHeart Paper Scissors Guest Book: Graphic ImageParasols: Paper Lantern Store  Paper Elements: Laurie Cinotto;ForYourParty.comPopcorn: The Hampton Popcorn CompanyPopcorn Boxes: Oriental Trading CompanyKids' Table Decor: AdoraWoolsFlower Girl Headpieces: BhldnCandles: Colonial CandlesMetal Leaves: Restoration HardwareMenu Cards: Lettered OliveCouple's Photographer: Guy ArochCouple's Videographer: Bryan RowlandDJ: Korey Richey of Dockside StudioSecurity: David Burke of Tectus Security ServicesWhistler: Eric Gilliland (William Morris Endeavour)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Catch the Bouquet

I am in search of the perfect pink polish. I will attend a wedding this weekend and thought that pink nails would be the best way to go. So on my last trip to the salon, I tried this.

Orly's Catch the Bouquet.

I am not a fan of metallic nail polish - if the shade doesn't suit your skin tone, it will come out tacky. In this case, the shade of pink is soft and very feminine. This is the best shade of pink I've tried so far. The sheen renders texture to the otherwise flat color.

My verdict: I want to try this sweet shade sans metallic sheen. It comes out nice on most angles, though personal preference, I am still not keen on metallic polish. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

That Curious Thing on the Table

Any guess?

Most of us thought it's the table's ornament. Herb (mint) in a pewter cup? Almost there.

It's Las Flores's rendition of Mint Julep, my chosen drink for the night. 100 points for presentation. Made from mint, bourbon, sugar and water. It's supposed to have hibiscus, though the bourbon definitely dominated the entire cup. Stronger than your typical cocktail - not so much as pairing for red meat but good as a refreshment on a hot night.

Still, hands down for presentation. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Thoughts on Wimbledon

I am not big on tennis, though I am trying to study and learn the sport because the would-be husband (kilig! :D) is such a fan. What I find interesting though is these big tennis stars - Roger, Rafa, Nole and Andy - are all in long-term relationships. I find loyal and faithful men adorable and admirable.  The fact that they can have any woman they want, any time and they're choosing to stick to their respective girls is ... well priceless. 

Going back to tennis, I did watch the first set of the historic Andy-Nole match but I had to sleep for work the next day. Although I really love Nole, I am rooting for Murray on this match because I love the Brits to win this round. I love anything British - talk to me when I am drunk - you will think I am a true-blue Brit :P

I digress.

What's more interesting than Murray ending the 77-year British drought in Wimbledon are the blue suits of Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler. The rest of the photos that follow are from Grazia Daily.

Blue suit rocks especially with tan shoes. If it would suit our wedding theme, we would have gravitated towards this look.

Fret not, we can boot them out from the Bromance category because Bradley Cooper actually went out with his girlfriend during the Murray semi-final match.

Then there's Victoria Beckham's Wimbledon outfit.

Summer sophisticate?

Let's not forget Pippa Middleton sans the Duchess of Cambridge. She's wearing Temperley in this photo.

On Day 1, she showed up in pale blue number and nude heels. 

I like.

And the best dressed for the weekend.... no other than Kim Sears and the newly-minted Wimbledon Champion.

Looking sharp in a suit, Andy. The two are wearing Burberry. Very British.

Speaking of Kim, here's her courtside fashion.

Summery yellow

Denim chic.

I think very appropriate.

That's my Wimbledon update. Hopefully next year, I will be talking about the game and not the people watching the game.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On Office Romance

Notice anything interesting on my office desk knick-knacks?

How's this photobooth snip?

Taken at a recent company event. Strictly speaking, my relationship with Person A is an office romance. I get a lot of query whether we get sawa (I am now on conyo speak) seeing each other at least 10 hours each day. In fact, we work in the same department and 1.562% of my role has an interface with his role. Hahaha! 

To be truthful, office romance was part of my drivers why I quit my promising first job and move to a different company. It wasn't that I get to make bantay 24/7 (not necessary and never my cup of tea) but with our careers in the same field, working in the same company makes a lot of sense looking at the long term. In fact, this is much better than what we had the first 5.5 years.

So why does office romance work for us?

Work is work, play is play.

Work is work. We call ourselves colleagues during office hours and whenever we are in office premises. Looking at our relationship from this perspective allows us to focus on what we have to deliver for the day and set aside our personal differences/fondness :P. Be a serious yuppie and no hanky panky. We have the same circles at work but we also keep unique circles. We even have different "after-work" activities. It's a plus that you have a great friend a work and you know how the person thinks and most of the time where he's coming from. When the time comes that we get to seriously collaborate at work, that will really be advantageous. 

Once we step out of work, we switch on the play is play part. We don't have to wait for an hour (in traffic) to be with each other! -(",)-*wink* I love taking off the colleague hat and be the significant other. Do I get sawa at this point? No, not at all. This is us beyond the yuppies at work. This is the point where we make chismis about the interesting things and people at work, our personal woes on the other aspects of our lives, work on our life projects, argue on petty things, make up, express that myriad of emotions you can share with a significant other and be silly kids in love. 

It's fun compartmentalizing your life. 

I'd like to wrap up this post with 3 advantages of office romance: 

1. You get to see the person you're very fond of more often. Imagine seeing your ultimate crush anytime you like and getting a chance to work with him. Bongga, di ba?

2. It's very efficient. An example of efficiency is when we have to decide for wedding items, we can easily have "working lunch". We take lunch together to discuss what we have to act on. Lunch date pa! How efficient is that?

3. Based on our assessment, managing our careers 10, 20 years down the road is much easier when we are in the same company given that our career preference is very close to each other. It has more flexibility. 

Office romance may not be for everyone but it works for us. 

What's your take on it?


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