Monday, July 8, 2013

My Thoughts on Wimbledon

I am not big on tennis, though I am trying to study and learn the sport because the would-be husband (kilig! :D) is such a fan. What I find interesting though is these big tennis stars - Roger, Rafa, Nole and Andy - are all in long-term relationships. I find loyal and faithful men adorable and admirable.  The fact that they can have any woman they want, any time and they're choosing to stick to their respective girls is ... well priceless. 

Going back to tennis, I did watch the first set of the historic Andy-Nole match but I had to sleep for work the next day. Although I really love Nole, I am rooting for Murray on this match because I love the Brits to win this round. I love anything British - talk to me when I am drunk - you will think I am a true-blue Brit :P

I digress.

What's more interesting than Murray ending the 77-year British drought in Wimbledon are the blue suits of Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler. The rest of the photos that follow are from Grazia Daily.

Blue suit rocks especially with tan shoes. If it would suit our wedding theme, we would have gravitated towards this look.

Fret not, we can boot them out from the Bromance category because Bradley Cooper actually went out with his girlfriend during the Murray semi-final match.

Then there's Victoria Beckham's Wimbledon outfit.

Summer sophisticate?

Let's not forget Pippa Middleton sans the Duchess of Cambridge. She's wearing Temperley in this photo.

On Day 1, she showed up in pale blue number and nude heels. 

I like.

And the best dressed for the weekend.... no other than Kim Sears and the newly-minted Wimbledon Champion.

Looking sharp in a suit, Andy. The two are wearing Burberry. Very British.

Speaking of Kim, here's her courtside fashion.

Summery yellow

Denim chic.

I think very appropriate.

That's my Wimbledon update. Hopefully next year, I will be talking about the game and not the people watching the game.

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