Monday, April 16, 2012

Mountain Tea

If you head to the Cordilleras, there is a local brew of tea known as Mountain Tea. 

I had my first cup in Baguio at a restaurant in Tam-awan Artist Village years back.

I can't find online material about it but it does look like tea leaves, Camelia sinensis. Dried tea leaves which don't undergo typical processing - oxidation. Tea has a specific season for harvesting, known as flushing and undergoes processing. In the case of mountain tea, it looks like it is plucked, dried then sold. Very raw.

It tastes leafy and very fresh. Although it has tang, I find it delicate which is how I want my tea. This is the reason why I like green over black or Earl grey.

I bought a bag from Sagada for PhP 25! and for a week now, I traded my PhP10/bag brand. I typically consume 2 bags in a day. I love my tea and imagine the huge savings!

Brewing mountain tea is as easy as concocting any loose leaf. Since the leaves are not crushed, I just put around 20 leaves in my mug and "steep" it for 3 minutes then scoop the leaves out using tea spoon.

Pardon my office mug, any tea deserves a fine tea cup.  

I don't feel like making arte in my daily work uniform and safety shoes. I would be obliged to get a set if I am in a pretty dress, low-heeled shoes and Philip Treacy hat. The only hat I am wearing on a daily basis is a safety hat ... if only life is always an afternoon tea party with scones and tea biscuits.

So anyway, I don't normally sweeten my tea but if you prefer mountain tea pairs well with honey. 

It's unintentional, my honey stash at work is from Abra. 

How fitting.


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  3. For how much do you sell it Miss Mirasol?

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  5. What is the Scientific Name or Specific Name of that plant?? because when I searched Mountain Tea, it is different fromresearch the picture. For research purposes thank you.



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