Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Set of Postcards from the Mountain

Nothing mind blowing today.

Save for my first encounter with a pitcher plant (lots of them, by the way) and some nice photos we snapped while going around.

That's because we got ourselves a LOST GUIDE!

We were lost up in the mountains, in a pine forest while raining.  He doesn't know the way to our destination. I tell you, it's not fun to get lost and your "professional" guide is figuring out every trail you encounter.

Epic fail.

The saving grace was we were in a beautiful surrounding, with autumn colors and wild flowers in different shades of pastels.

After 4 hours of wandering aimlessly, here's our his and hers.

And we are waiting for our couple's massage in the quaint little inn we're staying. Our second in 3 days. The pain in our legs is that worse.

Life is still good and this place is still very beautiful.

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