Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bana's Cafe: Best in Sagada

Congratulations, you conquered Sagada!

You explored Sumaguing Cave, rock-climbed at Echo Valley, bathed in Bomod-ok and walked 5 kilometers in the rain. Suddenly... hunger pangs hit you, the kind that only good food can satiate. You remember several good shops that bloggers recommend but you have to choose the best as if your survival rests on it. An apparition of Anthony Bourdain occurred and he ushers you to Bana's Cafe. Why? Because the food tastes home-made, ingredients are not scrimped and they serve the best coffee this blogger has ever had. I am not exaggerating. 

That paragraph is lame. What I am really trying to say is Bana's Cafe is the best restaurant in Sagada. 

I like it better than the Yogurt House which served us ketchup-tasting spaghetti and yogurt with "mayonnaise consistency" - that's what we overheard from the next table. To be fair, I liked the banana-top yoghurt I ordered. 

Bana's is also better than the commercial-tasting food from Masferre Inn. I haven't tried the buffet prepared by the French guy at the Log Cabin. I heard it's also good.

The Place

Like everything in Sagada, Bana's Cafe is simple and rustic. Its indoor space has a seating capacity of around 20 people - packed. The terrace which overlooks the gorge, roofs and the neighbors pigs has 4 tables for around 15 people. Bags of coffee beans are stored in the terrace - Bana's is an 18-Day Roaster facility.

The Food

Menu consists of salads, pastas, omelette, breakfast meals, yogurt and coffee. 

Mushroom and Onion Omelette (~PhP 120)

The omelette is nicely done - with the eggs not overcooked. This is the best omelette I've tasted in Sagada. 

It comes with toast which pairs well with locally-made orange marmalade. 

Bana's Favorite (~PhP 120)

This is also my favorite. Toast, sunny side up, and bacon.. yes, thick slices of bacon.

The toasts are white and wheat bread - with cushion-like consistency. The soft yolk is a good topping for the toast. The bacon tastes home-made. Very Yummy.

Fresh Tomato Pasta (~PhP 120)

Pasta is done al dente and the sauce is divine. One can taste the freshness of the tomato. The dish is very light perfect for snacks or light meal.

They also serve pinikpikan (local delicacy similar to tinolang/bulalong manok) if you reserve it a day in advance.

Banana Honey Yogurt (PhP 70)

The consistency of the yogurt is the same as the commercially-available ones. It's not too sour. What Person A and I love about this bowl is the honey. Its sweetness pairs well with the yogurt taste while the banana adds flavor and texture. This is a winner on our list.

What we also love about Bana's is their coffee. It is an 18-Day Roaster Restaurant.

It's got one of the best blend I've tasted so far.  

Alamid-Amunin Coffee (PhP 200)

Civet cats are abundant in Sagada and they love to eat the Arabica beans. To the joy of the coffee lovers, this blend tastes very delicate. Its aroma is strong but it has subtle taste, sweet flavor and has silky smoothness with every sip. Please splurge on it once.

House Blend (PhP 30)

Since we can't afford to order Alamid coffee every time, we are happy to settle with the house blend. It has stronger flavor than the premium coffee but it's also sweet and doesn't have an acidic undertone. Personally, I like it better than Starbucks, UCC or Diamond Cake Club blend. At PhP 30, I can say this is the best.

Honey Latte (PhP 90)

Latte sweetened with wild honey.

Too sweet and the honey is not good sweetener for the coffee. I rarely put sugar in my coffee - probably explains why I don't like it. Also, the milk/honey is curdling in the cup. One of the ingredients  is reacting with the heat or the coffee. I don't recommend this.

If you want to bring home a taste of their coffee, they're selling their beans under this label. Apart from the basic Arabica, they also have Amunin and Civet Cat coffee. 

In Summary

1. Among the major restaurants in Sagada, Bana's Cafe is the best (personal opinion, btw). The food tastes great, fresh and home-made. We like the omelette, the thick slices of bacon and pasta. The honey-topped yogurt is also a winner.

2. Bana's serve the best coffee I've ever had. For the houseblend, latte, and alamid, the aroma is strong but the taste is subtle and not acidic. It also comes cheaper than a cup in Manila. Please take advantage of the coffee while your there.

3. The price is comparable to most restaurants in Sagada. Prepare to shell out PhP 200/person each meal.

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