Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sir Richard Branson's Blog and A Dog Swims with Dolphins

In between controlling stomach spasm and my most likely dehydration-induced headache I found myself browsing Sir Richard Branson's blog

My sudden interest started last night when I saw him on BBC pitching Virgin Galactic. In that 60-second clip, I thought the man is business-savvy and he speaks gently so I can't help but think that he's a good person. I started researching about him and I found out he manages to stay married to his ONLY wife for a long time and devoted to his two children. Awww... And the research finally led me to his blog  which is engaging and very real. He talks about his businesses, passion for travel, adventure and the environment. He seems very hands on with his companies, he served as a flight attendant on Virgin Atlantic economy class, and celebrates his customers milestones. 


He's very passionate about saving animals and I am sharing this animal-related video he posted. 

Tsk! A dog beat me to it! Look how tired Mr. Doggie after the swim.

I'll be following Sir Richard's blog, hopefully he's someone worth looking up to.

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