Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Refreshment

The temperature this summer is crazy. Presenting the number of ways I cooled myself with calories.

Ice cream tops the list

Magnum, the official 2012 summer cooler. I like that it's the cheaper version of Haagen Daz's vanilla and almond bar with its decadent chocolate coating and silky vanilla ice cream. 

Frozen yoghurt from Golden Spoon. Among the froyo shops, I like Golden Spoon best because of their creative, non-fat flavors. Cake batter, cafe latte and tart.

Akazuki Ice Cream Sandwich which we got from a Japanese grocery store in Little Tokyo. Vanilla and bean taste good together.

Butter Pecan ice cream from Sebastian's - Person A's favorite ice cream. It's sweet, creamy and salty, all at the same time.

Really good.

M&M's and Snickers ice cream from the grocery store. Not as flavorful as the chocolate bars but cool enough.

Coffee jelly. Best dessert ever. Espresso jelly with cream and topped with vanilla ice cream

Milk tea! My favorite. I've now moved on from my typical milk tea to cheese-flavored, cream topped chocolate smoothie.

For a healthier cooler, I usually purchase a bottle of freshly-squeezed orange juice

Or make my own concoction of honeyed lemon juice.

One lemon, 2 tbsp honey and cold water.

What's your favorite summer cooler?

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