Sunday, May 20, 2012

VESTI Bag Winners!

With the heartwarming honoring for the boundless, self-less love our Moms have shown us, I had difficulty choosing winners! If only I can give each one of you the bag, I definitely would!

A few of my takeaways from your entries: 

1. Moms scale Mount Everest to give us a comfortable life, no matter how difficult it is for them. 

2. In between preparing breakfast and doing laundry, Moms take time to help us mold our dreams and make us a contributing member of society.

3. Not only superstars have superfans, our Moms are our biggest "Ra-Ra-Ra-Sis-boom-bah!"fan!

The moms you described make motherhood rock! Thanks for sharing them with Maybe She's That Girl and Vesti.



I want to give Mama Chedette a VESTI bag as a thank you gift. She was both a mother and father to us, having brought up 5 young kids on her own when our dad passed away. She's one of the most caring and strongest women I know. She taught us early on to be independent individuals and never say no to anything (as long as it's not illegal). I hope I could be as awesome as her someday. In short, she's my idol! 

CAMILLE QUIAMBAO (Dear, please leave your email below -(",)-*wink* )

I want to give Mama a VESTI Bag for Mother's Day. She taught me the value of love for country that's why I decided to pursue a career in teaching cultural literacy and social studies to preschool kids. My mom's gentle hands molded me to care for others and her happy soul inspired me to appreciate the little things in life. Words are not enough to thank her for bringing me into this beautiful world.


I want to give Mama Deling a VESTI Bag for Mother's Day, for three simple reasons:1) She's from beautiful Mindanao and because she's an anthropologist herself, she understands the culture in the south very well and has taught us how to appreciate everything about it; 2) She has been an inspiration (of what it is to be a housewife) not only to me and my 4 other sisters but to those who happen to meet her with her maternal instincts and motherly advocacies (including breastfeeding!); and lastly,3) Until now and even when we were growing up, she has been our number 1 fan and never ceases to be that's why she deserves the best not only on Mother's day, but everyday of her life. :)

And the rest of the entries are just as good, I had difficulty choosing.

Wait for my message on Facebook so I can send your prizes!

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