Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lotion Bottles

Meet the body lotions I currently lather myself with

These do not include the creamS i use on my face.

I use Nivea for basic moisturizing, it's the most effective for my skin - and it doesn't break the bank. I alternate it with the Olay bottle. I use JASON Pomegranate if I want my skin to feel extra silky. If I want the moisturized and shiny-but-not-oiled look, i top my legs and arms with Kiehl's Creme de Corp. These 2 are for special occasions only.

And my favorite tub of moisturizer for my hands and feet is... petroleum jelly. If you don't mind the motor grease feel, it's guaranteed to make your hand and feet soft and smooth. I use this as an overnight treatment. 

PhP 90 lang.

These get me in trouble when Person A and I travel. He doesn't understand why one little girl needs a lot of bottles to moisturize her skin with.

Those who can relate say "Aye!"

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