Sunday, September 7, 2014

Do We Ever Grow Up?

Physically, I may not have :P I can still pass for a 12-y.o., maybe 14 and I love it! Last night, we went through some of Person A's childhood things and like most of us normal kids (note: I may be sarcastic) he loves books.

Animals Encyclopedia is one of the more interesting books on the shelf - which he learned the difference between a manatee and dugong from. Can you?

Bawal mag-Google!

Then the cover got lost so the creative soul running through his 7-y.o. frame made this cover: Animals For All Children.

If you noticed, it was graciously translated to Filipino by a person who will never be named in this blog.

Hayop APAT lahat mga bata. Epic!

When making book covers get boring, he designed his own boardgame. Proof: the 2 game pieces for space traveling and underwater.

Don't ask. It reminds me a lot of Sheldon Cooper in this episode.

Major adorbs!

I dream that our future kids will be nurtured in a home where this brand of creativity and imagination is the norm. Also, it is also good to never lose the child in us. In our case, it is squealing to these miniature Lego figures.

Gandalf and this castle.

It comes with a detailed map.

He is joined by his friends. Notice Frodo's size. 

What's childhood without Haw Flakes?

Rest assured, the first food I took this morning is a pack of this goodie.

So, do we ever grow up? What do you think?


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