Saturday, February 23, 2013


Today marks the end of the great move out. I relinquished the studio unit where I lived for 5 years and now I can finally start my life in the south. I took this photo before the used furniture buyer took everything.

This is how I feel today. So proud that I survived transferring residence. I learned a lot from this move out:

1. Accumulating non-essentials is never good. You will end up throwing most things and finding a buyer or recipient for the rest that can still be salvaged.

2. It's good to have a move out partner. In my case, I have my trusty, handy-dandy fiance who is also my kargador, driver, cheerleader, organizer, cook, grocer shopper, and personal assistant. All rolled into one. Dnedate pa ako nyan.

3. There's a buyer for everything on the internet. Since I moved in to a semi-furnished place, I had to let go of the things I accumulated for 5 years. I was able to sell not only my pre-loved pieces of furniture  and appliances but also the DVDs and everything I did not take with me. Had I given them to individual buyers, I would have gotten more but having one single buyer takes care of all the logistics. The buyer brought his own truck to transport the goods. 


On the way to reward ourselves with milk tea, Reyes barbeque and window shopping at Anson's, I chanced upon these Minions!

Despicable Me!

Ended the night with my PhP 200 Dangwa flower fix. Whenever I get the chance to drop by Dangwa I set aside 200 bucks (nothing more, nothing less) because flowers can surely brighten up your place. And they're lovely. Tonight I got Egg Asters. 4 bunches.

A variety of asters with prominent yellow center. They're not fragrant. I think this will make a good wedding bouquet if you're doing a laid-back wedding. 

I hope this flower lasts long.

2 bunches on my coffee table.

Half a bunch right by the door

A few stems on the dresser

Another half a bunch on the entertainment console.

On the kitchen counter.

And inside the bathroom.

The number of vase is not sufficient, I need to remind myself to eat more Crumpy and make the existing ones sawsaw in baking soda water to remove the label.

And so, allow me to greet everyone a very yellow weekend from my stressball, the minions and the beautiful egg asters.


  1. Love the egg asters! Would you happen to remember which stall in Dangwa I can get those? :)

    1. Hello :) thank you! When the flower is in season, you can typically get it from most stalls in Dangwa :) i typically get my flowers from the street right before you reach the "market". Have fun in your Dangwa trip :)



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