Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Cuppa: Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik is probably the defacto national drink of Malaysia.

Person A, who is a teh tarik addict, introduced me to this drink and for almost 4 years, we're hunting the best teh tarik in Manila. Nope, we haven't found it yet. Filipinos are not big tea drinkers (except powdered iced tea which isn't tea enough), the closest you can find is milk tea which totally has different taste from teh tarik.

The word "teh tarik" (te ta-re) translates to pulled milk - which is how the drink is prepared. Tea and milk mixture is poured back and forth between two containers, giving it a thick frothy top. The process cools the fluid, mixes the tea and milk giving it a better taste.

The taste is quite different from milk tea probably due to the decanting process, giving it a distinct taste. The fresh tea is masked by the light milk. I apologize, that is a lame description.

Anyhow, I get my stash from Person A which he requests friends to get from Miri/KL. I don't get the fresh one but this tiny packet keeps me happy.

I like it warm with my bread, breakfast or on its own.

If you're interested to know, I am enjoying my cuppa while typing this entry. I am down to my last 3 packs so I have to remind myself to ask some from Person A. 

I was told he got a fresh batch last Monday.



  1. Hongkong has Teh Tarik too on its groceries. So you can ask friends who (I bet more frequently too) travel to HK to buy loads of it for you.



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