Monday, May 27, 2013

Boredom, Baguio and the Bird

Hello! Hello!

I feel happy saying these 2 words after a long post hiatus! It perks me up and I hope it perks you up, too! 


I told you, I am very happy and perky tonight. Must be the 1.5 hours of Ashtanga - after our teacher spent a month in an ashram in India. She learned new ways of doing Vinyasa and the rest of the poses and now... my muscles are battered to death. I am not kidding.

So where do I start? I have 3 weeks worth of random kwento so let's start with one of Khaleesi's dragon literally hanging around at a mall in Subic.

I spent Election Day passing by the green dragon. I'll be a more responsible citizen next time.

Then off to Baguio last weekend where the temperature was 22 degrees Celsius!!! late afternoon and drops to 18-19C at night. 

I totally forget about Manila's 38 deg C weather.

I did not go to Baguio to have Strawberrry taho, though I couldn't resist one after delaying breakfast to buy Good Shepherd ube.

I attended the wedding of a friend. 

This got to be the prettiest and freshest hydrangea ever.

Us girls during Apple's bridal shower.

It was a trip with my girls but I brought my handy-dandy driver/everything.

Yeah, minimum driver requirement: coat and tie. Seriously, this guy is the ultimate multislashie of my life. I am so lucky! Cheeseball!!!

This is our creative take on PMA's ever famous canon.

Picture taking in high heels. Matching sampa sa canyon!

After this photo was taken, I requested the photographer to do a jump shot with me.

Heels + clay + it just rained = NEVER A GOOD IDEA

Then during the reception, this is what happens before the singles game. 

Tago tago din pag may time. *Jejejeje* Donchawori, on our wedding there will be no singles game. Promise.

On to food, presenting Baguio Country Club's famous banana bread with ice cream. 

It's sooo good: soft, fluffy and tasty. You might think it's banana cake. We got this from Villa Cordillera - the budget hotel run by BCC. What's more: banana bread ala mode costs PhP 60. It's a steal. 

Last rainy Sunday night, I craved for Lucky Me Itnok with egg and lotsa pepper. 

Safe to say that I wasn't able to sleep well due to dehydration and MSG. Nonetheless, it's still an all time peyborit. Trust me, simple lang kaligayahan ko.

Tonight, I had apple and grapes salad with feta cheese - because I forgot to buy lettuce. Para-paraan lang yan. 

Though I couldn't help but steal from the bowl across the table. 

Sometimes, life is unfair. 

Lastly, I spent a minute yesterday doing staring contest with this bird. 

It checked me out so I checked it out as well. It was out of its cage at Bioresearch. 

I was bored.



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