Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello! Hello!

I am still here!  -(",)-*wink* Very much alive and kicking. In between life, learning new ways of doing things at work, wedding preps and spending time with my oh so favorite Person A I have finally found the time to blog! I am currently blogging in bed while watching Argo... yeah, I know I have a lot of good movies back log. 

Anyway, in this catch up post, allow me to share random things that I find interesting. I'll start off with this parking sign.

Half of me is expecting a Trojan horse parked on the spot. 

Speaking of parking, presenting my awesome parking skills. I am 1-cm away from denting the trunk. I did this successfully thrice. 

Sad to say, on the fourth instance I bumped Jellybean's rear. Oh well, papel... I should have listened to Person A when he said that for the specific spot, I should do forward parking. Lesson learned. 

What's an update if we don't share what we've eaten. Fancy date night which I would share in a later blogpost. 

Here's one of our favorite Starbucks after its renovation. 

The cute women's restroom signage.

This shop is closest to my heart since I've passed by this Starbucks twice a day for 5 years. 

I tried the newest cupcake shop in town. 

It's good but I find it expensive. 

Here's the gelato cakes we enjoyed with friends before a wedding. Chocolate and pistacchio.

Mango sansrival.

This is our friend's wedding 

Congratulations Dong and Best Wishes, Celine. 

Before we leave the topic on food... here's Person A's tomato-based penne pasta with basil cream dory.

Yummy! Di na siguro kami magugutom pag nagkataon. 

In spite of all the food, I am happy to report that my degree of obesity is a negative number! 

My metabolic age is way younger than my real age but older than how I look. Hahaha!

Tonight, I also completed one face of a 4x4 rubik's cube. First time in 27 years. I never bothered understanding how to solve this cube. Ever. Though tonight I feel like giving it a try. It isn't so bad. 

I still have a long way to go as evidenced by the 5 other faces. 

One last, here's my favorite waiting area at a men's dressing room. 

I always love it here every time I wait for Person A. 

May we all have an awesome weekend!

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