Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lessons from Francis Kong

The company I work in has a work-life balance series and in this week's installment, Francis Kong was invited to give a motivational talk on beating stress! Stress???!!!!??? Who says I am stressed? WHHOOOO SAAAYYYSSS I AM SSSTTREESSSSSEEEDD?!!!??

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Kidding aside, he made so much sense and has an armload of humor that my team mates and I were laughing the entire 60-minute talk. I am not funny nor wise like Francis but allow me to share some of the points he shared during the talk.

1. Successful people know how to handle both triumphs and tragedies. You should be able to cope, be sane whichever situation in life you are in. 

2. Rather than treating a challenging situation as "Stress", think of it as "Stretched". Stretching makes us stronger and it makes us excel.

3. Just like the iPhone and Samsung's S series, incremental change will not make the cut in this world. The change that you have to bring to the table has to be drastic. However, VALUES never change. There is no innovation as far as values are concerned.

4. Habits are stronger than knowledge. If you keep on repeating a skill, you will excel at it. Hopefully, you are developing good habits. This is also the same idea outline in the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Athletes and most people who are good at what they're doing spend at least 10,000 hours repeating what they do. Habits make or break you. Which reminds me, I should stop sleeping late. 

5. Don't raise your kids focusing on academic excellence alone, rather raise them polite, confident, cheerful and with a heap of people skills. Once you set out to the world, you will only use your academic knowledge 30% of the time and get by on people skills. Case in point: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and oh, Francis Kong took 6 years to finish high school.

6. Unlike work wherein you are trained to perform and deliver... "Life", in general, is not a performance. Do not compare yourself with others. I am guilty of this. 

7. Winners do not retire. They REFIRE. Increase your productivity. This point is a validation on my curiosity to do a lot of things: one of those is blogging, I am currently into yoga, I am not giving up on completing a marathon (God, help?) and try to finish a Leo Tolstoy book.

8. There's no such thing as work-life balance. Life is a matter of trade off. 

9. Live life as an adventure. Personally, my life is one big adventure. I do my mini life reviews and looking back, it was one helluva ride. I would have wanted to travel more and experience the world more but I traded it off with lovely memories of family and friends. Maybe in the coming years. Let's see.

10. Have a purpose and it should be to serve others. If you are depressed, the surefire way of curing your depression is go out and help other people.

11. Lastly, always have a grateful heart. 

I have been in my fair share of stressful situations and the coping mechanisms that got me through are as follows:

a. take a deep breath and smile
b. thanking God for the blessings I have 
c. talking/crying to Person A
d. chocolates and dessert
e. running  
f. pray and read the Bible. If you take a look at the First Reading today from 1Peter 5 verse 7 "Place all your worries on him since He takes care of you".

Weekend na! -(",)-*wink*

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