Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It Never Gets Old

On our Fridate last week I found myself biyahilo on our way to Tagaytay: traffic was bad and I was operating the music player hence most of the time we were accelerating or decelerating and my eyes were not on the road. Don't worry, I was not driving.

However, when we reached our destination, my unease was easily lifted off by the beauty of the place. The pathway to the restaurant. 

The view from our table for 2, which was set with quaint, shabby, chic dinner pieces.

White carnations in a dainty water jug.

Mums, mums and voluminous mums.

Cherry tomatoes in a bowl.

Another bunch of carnations by the window.

White roses, anyone?

And this purple, yellow and white statice arrangement.

The sweltering heat in Manila is nowhere to be found in Tagaytay. In fact, when we arrived at the place, a choir of kuligligs greeted us and the temperature is about 3 degrees C lower. Lounging by this garden set is very tempting. 

Imagine yourself sipping a cup of Tarragon tea in this pretty, little teacup. 

Aaaahhhh..... living the life. I should have not lifted the saucer - para more sowsyal.

If the place looks very familiar, it is Marcia Adams - one of our all-time favorite places. The floral arrangement never fail to blow me away. I had a short discussion with Neil, aka Mr. Adams/Marcia's husband, and he mentioned that the flowers are Marcia's thing and we all know that the food is personally prepared by Marcia. Not bad, not bad at all.

I can't help but request for some photos to be taken. Presenting my jeje moment for the night. 

So on our way back to the metro, I was so inspired by the flowers that we stopped at the junction flower shops to get some flowers. I found out that the flowers are darn expensive, very expensive... so I did not get any.

It's still best to get flowers in Dangwa.

I should ask Neil next time where he gets the flowers.

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