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Union Jack Tavern

According to Wikipedia, a pub, formally public house, is a drinking establishment fundamental to the culture of Britain, Ireland, Australia, Newfoundland, Canada and New Zealand. Most pubs offer a range of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. Many pubs are controlled by breweries, so cask ale or keg beer may be a better value than wines and spirits. Traditionally the windows of town pubs were of smoked or frosted glass to obscure the clientele from the street. Until the 1970s most of the larger pubs also featured an off-sales counter or attached shop for the sales of beers, wines and spirits for home consumption. In the 1970s the newly built supermarkets and high street chain stores undercut the pub prices to such a degree that within ten years all but a handful of pubs had closed their off-sale counters. 

The writings of Samuel Pepys describe the pub as the heart of England.

I confess that I love anything British, especially when I am drunk. Therefore, it is fitting that I share  my neighborhood pub: Union Jack Tavern - the coolest pub in the South with the best-tasting chicken tikka masala. The former being Union Jack the only tavern I know in the area and the latter because I haven't visited any Indian restaurant since I moved to Alabang.

The Place

Union Jack is unique because it is located inside a mall: Festival Mall to be exact. However, once you enter the dark pub, there's no indication that you're in a shopping area. I prefer to enter via the parking entrance so as to have the authentic pub feel. Ceiling, walls and most free space are decorated with anything British. 

Dark, heavy pieces of furniture dominate the place and there are at least 3 television sets with different sports shown. 

My favorite part, there is a grocery store next to the pub where you can get most English goodies: beer, soft drinks, chocolates and even savory. Don't forget to check the grocery.

The Food

Apart from having awesome beers and cocktails, the food selection is great. 

French Fries (or something like that ~ PhP 200)

I honestly forgot the name but this is an extra good appetizer. Great with beer, too - in short, pulutan material!

The plate is served piping hot. The fries is soft but not soggy, with the potato very tender. That's just the start. The mozzarella cheese is another story - a very good story. Very gooey and since the cheese has subtle taste - it adds the right amount of saltiness to the fries.

Awesome sauce!

Chicken Tikka Masala (PhP 245)

I haven't had a lot of tikka masala but I love New Bombay's rendition of the dish -peg, kumbaga. This version is also good.

The chicken is grilled well and the spices in the sauce adds tang to the entire dish. It also comes with very crispy pita. Can be shared by 2 persons if you don't eat a lot.

Apple Pie ala Mode (~PhP 200)

Tastes home-made! I remember the pie is very tasty - soft with strong cinnamon flavor. There's generous serving of baked green apples. I remember this is very yummy. 

The place serves a good selection of beer. We like the Spitfire as it is not too bitter and very refreshing.

Cocktails are also abound. I think this is their version of Long Island Iced Tea - very refreshing and the alcohol content is 28%. Hahaha! You can interpret my last phrase a number of ways :P

In Summary

1. The place is our go-to hangout place in the area if we are in the mood for alcohol. The atmosphere is very relaxed - perfect for unwinding. It is great for catching up with friends and if you want to drink with family. If you're (romantic) date wants to have a beer and watch sports - then maybe take her/him there. 

2. Food is good. We like everything we have ordered and the serving size is generous.

3. Price is also decent for the quality and serving size.

Union Jack Tavern
2/F Festival Supermall, Corporate Ave
Alabang, Muntinlupa

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