Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Manila Hotel Champagne Room

"Epitomizing grandeur and elegance in Old European style, the Champagne Room is one of the country’s great bastions of haute cuisine, a place firmly dedicated to the fine arts of gastronomic seduction. Long favored by the fashionable set, it is well-known for its impeccable service and lavish décor, including crystal palm trees, tasseled ceiling fixtures and floral upholstered chairs, which perfectly reflect its sumptuous classical offerings."

I never bothered reading the description when I was choosing among the three restaurants at Manila Hotel before our 8PM Fuerza Bruta show. I was not in the mood for Chinese food (Mabuhay Palace) nor was I ecstatic gorging on buffet (Cafe Ilang Ilang), so I was left with the The Champagne Room which serves French-Mediterranean cuisine from an ala carte menu. Good thing, my three dates agreed.

On our way to Manila, I called to reserve a table for 4 and the reservation officer was kind enough to allow us to order up to 30 minutes before the restaurant opens at 7PM. This will give us ample of time to enjoy the food. She was also gracious enough to ask me if we're watching Fuerza Bruta, show goers with non-complimentary tickets get 20% discount at the Manila Hotel!

The staff were still setting up the place when we arrived but after 5 minutes of checking with the Dining Manager, we were ushered into the restaurant and I can only say one phrase: 

"The place took my breath away!" 

The Place

Everything about the room is grand: plush furniture pieces, crystal chandeliers, silver dinner wares. It's impeccably lavish. I am generally not a fan of grand things, but the Champagne Room is irresistibly charming. I kid you not. Something you rarely see in the Philippines. Save for the yellow-tasseled drapes, I love every piece in the room.

The feminine chair and the love seat. I can imagine using these as accent furniture pieces.

The inverted umbrella lamps. I will take off the tasseled rope add-ons. And for some reason, the crystal plant is also very pretty.

The restaurant gives an aura that it's perfect for brunch and afternoon tea. I am coming back.

The Food

After placing our order, the waiters offered us a selection of dinner rolls. The breads were soft and tasty.

It comes with butter and liver pate with cranberry topping.

They will be very happy to offer you more bread and butter through the entire meal once you consume the piece on your plate. The pate was not replenished though, maybe if you ask. I can tell you the bread is good because my guy companions were able to consume about 4 each.

Seafood Lasagna (PhP 580)

Home-made lasagna with sauteed sea scallops and green asparagus spears in light cream sauce with Salmon Caviar

The pasta tastes freshly-made: coarse and al dente. Vegetables were done just right. The sauce has a very light taste and salted with the seafood. I can't remember tasting the caviar though. I say this dish is okay.

Soursop (Guyabano) Sorbet

I like this sorbet: the sweetness borders that of ice cream and it also comes out creamy because of the milky-fibrous consistency of the soursop.

Bar de Mer Chilien (PhP1200)

Oven-baked Chilean sea bass on mushroom potato-ragout and lobster-tomato-herb vinaigrette

This is a must order. The sea bass was done to melts-in-your-mouth perfection, the flavors are very subtle slightly seducing the taste buds.

Souffle au Chocolat (PhP 220)

Warm chocolate souffle with grand marnier sauce

I forgot to take a photo of the dessert! Nonetheless, it was okay. The souffle tasted decently good but not top of the list good. I could have appreciated it more if it was more chocolatey.

I leave you with the white chocolate pudding my friends had.

Oh, the restaurant gave us complimentary chocolates.

Nice touch!

In Summary

1. The Champagne Room is the prettiest grand room I've been to so far in Manila. I suspect as well that this is the best. You will dine at the Champagne Room because of its ambiance and you want to experience nice and pretty things. I prefer it for brunch and afternoon tea.

2. Food is not the very best but it is good. The oven-baked sea bass was done to perfection. My friends rated their main courses excellent.

3. As expected of a hotel restaurant, price slides to the expensive side... the fine dining kind.

4. I recommend the place for dates with special someone, catching up with friends if you have the money to burn and as well as family gatherings... again, if you have the money to burn.

The Manila Hotel Champagne Room
One Rizal Park
0913 Manila
12PM - 3 PM
7PM - 11 PM


  1. Sol! This is Fra. I googled "Champagne Room Manila Hotel" and this came up in the 1st page! Excellent! I don't think you posted this on fb...

    Anyway, I just ate in here recently and was impressed too. I ordered the same entree as you (sea bass).

    Nice grand interior. I read about this in the Tatler guide years ago and decided to give the ol' heritage hotel and its French resto a try.

    1. Awww :)

      Fra, because of your comment, I want to go back to Champagne Room and have Champagne breakfast. Hehehe! -(",)-*wink*

  2. Wow! Amazing hotels in manila! I will recommend this hotels in my mom ^^ and friends

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