Monday, March 19, 2012

Why This Photo Is Very Important

Because it documents our very first time to party in a lounge ... together. It took us 6 years or so to accomplish something that some couples tick off their list on the first date. Hahaha!

And we happened to be here by chance because our Fuerza Bruta tickets came with 2 free drinks at the designated lounge.

Rolled-up sleeves? Check.
Club music? Check.
Drinks? Check.

Me:  Congratulate us! It's our first time to "tugsh tugsh" together in 7 years.
Person A: Congratulate me, it's my first time to party in 27 years.

And he just articulated some of the little things I look for in my ideal guy. -(",)-*wink*

Oh by the way, we did this on a weeknight. 

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