Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Report

I can't seem to decide which is crazier: (1) the weekdays last week or (2) the weekend.

One thing I am sure though, the weekend was definitely more fun, especially that I got to pamper myself a bit, spent time with at least 3 groups of friend and snuck in a date with le Person A.

Person  A and I welcomed the weekend with a Friday night dinner at Izakaya in Little Tokyo, our default dinner area the past 6 months.

"Kampai" was in order courtesy of the random sake we ordered from the menu.

Early Saturday afternoon, a friend and I had a girls salon afternoon and snipped our hair for the summer.

Then I dropped by the waxing salon to strip hairs that had to be stripped. Waxing and I go well together, my skin and the dermatologist don't seem to agree. More on that on later post.

Ended the day celebrating the birthdays of my 2 lovely friends and the pseudo-housewarming at Maisson Dideles.

Come Sunday, I heard the 8AM mass in UP. I did the north-bound drive in 15 minutes: with Ayala  traffic stops counted and at least 60-km speed at EDSA. Manila Sunday driving is always a breeze.

Had breakfast date with Person A at Rodic's.

And lined up for the best comedy show in town: UP Samaskom's Live Aids 2012.

I promise to blog it, everyone's gotta watch this annual show.

I ended my weekend activities with lunch at the prettiest, vintage-inspired diner I've been to, so far.

Again, more of it on later post.

Dear God, thank you for all the blessings. It's just the start of my 3-weekend fun with friends, then it's gonna be a 6-day break for the Holy Week. 

Life is good.

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