Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tennis, Anyone?

I find joy in painting my toenails. After wearing my nails bare for 2 months, I had them painted with Orly's Tennis Anyone?

It doesn't come out dainty in this photo due to the flash but I tell you it's purr-ty. The base color is yellow but it has a sheer, barely-there effect - which I always love. The shade that nice, goody two shoes girls like. Mwahahahah!

Owing to its sheer nature, my guess is it's great for all skin tones: dark, warm (that's my feet's color!) and fair. It comes out prettier with colored footwear. I wore red wedge yesterday and I can't help but stare at my toes.

Being the frugal person that I am, I get my manicure and pedicure from my neighborhood salon. It's way cheaper than my favorite nail place. I only go to the chic nail salon if I want to put on some polish. However, last Saturday I opted to have polish applied in my 60-pesos-lang-ang-pedicure-kapitbahay-parlor. I did learn a few valuable lessons from my cheapskate escapade: make sure that the manicurist know how to apply polish like a pro. She did a very bad job at applying the polish that there were streak marks and the polish bubbled off. Aaaacccckkkk! She also forgot to put on a basecoat on my left nails. And I was charged Php 90 more because I opted for "high-end" polish.

The saving grace is she did the pedicure really well. Oh well bagel, at least the shade is pretty. That should suffice for now.

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