Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Videographer

A lot of couples allocate a chunk of their budget on wedding videography. In our prioritization of things, videography is a mid-level one but I was able to bully charm my way to let Person A agree to book a videographer early on. My business case was: I want to preserve as much memory as we can and I think video is one good way of immortalizing what has happened on your most important day. Let's establish it that we don't have a movie-star-budget hence we chose based on the highest ratio on quality/service price. We also tried to look at their shooting style and if we do have rapport with the men behind the cameras and the editor. We want to be very comfortable on the day of our wedding.

We are happy to share that the supplier we booked already increased their price by 33% hence that was a good PhP X0, 000 savings.

I don't need to introduce the videographers I listed down below but I do hope that their work will inspire you.

Let's start with the in-demand Jason Magbanua. I think he is the risk-taker among the premium lot and I agree he is more of a storyteller coupled with strong visuals. Take a look at this sensory overload. He captured all the important happenings during the wedding.  I say this will forever go down on my list as one of the top favorites.

Let's go to the less expensive choice. Here's Wang Videography's wedding compilation. They're still a bit raw and do some template videos but I think they have that skill to make it big: it's the story telling bit and strong visual that's present but needs a little polishing.

Mayad. I think Mayad is the classic choice. Very classy and elegant. Very neat. If I can afford them, I would have hired Mayad.

Then there's THE Bob Nicolas. I like Bob's work. It's very cinematic and more often than not, his video makes me cry. He is my favorite in the list.

Here's his Weddings More Fun in the Philippines campaign.

Share your wedding videographer pick with me.


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