Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chris Tiu

No Wedding Wednesday tonight but this is very closely-related to weddings. In fact, this goes beyond the topic of wedding and discusses a bit on choosing your lifetime partner. 

At least my take on it.

I have shared simple rules in choosing a lifetime partner after realizing that it's rare to find someone who's Brad Pitt-gwapo, Einsten-matalino, Pope Francis-bait and Bill Gates-yaman all in one package. I am not saying that I have downgraded my standards but I just made it realistic enough not to get caught up in glossy-standards husband material. So here's the standard I came up with when I realized that looks and body don't make the cut to make the perfect husband.

1. Have 3-5 non-negotiables traits. Long before I started dating Person A I already have an idea that I want someone who (1) believes in my God (2) prioritizes (future) wife and family (3) supports your goals and ambitions in life (4) smart enough to carry an interesting conversation about anything and everything especially when we are old and grey (5) has a goal and ambition in life.

2. The rest, you create your ideal man. Meaning for the negotiables such as fashion sense you can just influence your man. At the end of the day, you're not marrying the Kenzo shirt he's wearing nor the company he keeps rather you are marrying the understanding and respectful person wearing the Margiela button-down. 


Another point I always share with my friends, who are mostly approaching late 20s, never ever short-change yourself. You always deserve that perfect man. He will arrive at the most perfect time: when you -as a person have sorted out all your issues - and is ready to share yourself with another individual. In my case, I still had a lot to work on myself when I started out with Person A but God gave me the gift of time to address my flaws in order to be ready for marriage. And I am still working on myself in order to be the best would-be wife I can be.

So my dear girls, if you are with that a**hole who constantly cheats on you, makes you feel like you're not the most beautiful girl in the world when you're PMS-ing (that's pre-menstrual syndrome), who doesn't have the time to listen to your petty woes... then I think it's time to re-think whether you're with the right one. 

The reason why I wrote this post is that I want to share that I am amazed by Chris Tiu. To me, he's one of the embodiments of "the perfect guy". 

Also, let's establish that:

"I am NOT a Chris Tiu fanatic nor have I turned myself into one. In fact I was in a 2-leg flight with him and my male companions were more giddy than I am that we were on the same plane as he was. I was glued to Malcolm Gladwell's Outlier the entire time. I don't have a crush on Chris Tiu but I do admire him. 

Also, I am highlighting Chris Tiu because he's popular and everybody knows him. Let it be known that I have a number of guy friends who are perfect catches as well -(",)-*wink* Fiance, definitely, included! 

Here are the reasons why I think Chris Tiu is the kinda guy you should bring home to your parents:

Apart from being a celebrated professional basketball player, an entrepreneur, top notch student, celebrity, his family happens to own the Discovery chain of hotels...

He was SK Chairman, a barangay tanod at Urdaneta Village (may dala kaya siyang batuta at sumasakay sa tricycle?), he has a blog (and he writes real articles!) entitled AMDG!, and he is in an 11-year relationship with his girlfriend... his only girlfriend. 

And here's his take on chastity.

Urdaman, Chris-shiu!



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