Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pretty Things by Saso Event Styling

A number of things made our wedding magical

one that I may never forget are the pretty details that Justine Bumanlag (of Saso Event Styling) crafted for the celebration.

The cocktail table

The dinner table

And even our 2 sitting areas. This one is the couch. 

The bunch of peonies is my bouquet which I unceremoniously plopped on the table.

And this is the seat for 2 with the backdrop. Notice the baby's breath. Lovely. 

What we like best about Saso Event Styling is the team can execute your vision excellently and without even having to supervise them! We just described to Justine the look and feel we are trying to achieve, the flowers and decor that I want to use (and what we don't want to see), she came back to us with the sketches and ... surprise, surprise, on the day of the wedding, she delivered what we wanted and more.

I've said this a number of times before, it is important that your vision and the style aesthetic, work ethics and cost of your vendor should be compatible. 

This is the clincher, it is value for money. It is not as expensive as your typical event styling services. Trust me.

Indulge in the pretty details that Chestknots Studio captured during our wedding reception!

We shared 20 of our favorite phrases that we may have said to each other in the course of our 8-year relationship and Justine's team displayed the some of our favorite lines in the cake area. She also did the entire cake area arrangement. 

Speaking of cake, Joy San Gabriel baked our wedding cake. It is a 3-tier normal-sized (nothing "ginormous") cake in mango cheesecake, chocolate and carrot flavors - different cake per layer.  The relaxed but sort of polished frosting is spot on while the fresh carnations and lace provide the romantic touch.

Dr. Seuss is a favorite of ours. 


Take note how the different shades of pink beautifully coexist in this vase. 

The choices of flowers are excellent.

Very relaxed, polished and classy.

Thank you Team Saso for making our wedding StyleMePretty-ish.


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