Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boho Bonnet

Let's welcome the week with some grey nails. Blue-grey that is.

Meet Orly's Boho Bonnet.

The color is very enticing. It has character and out of ordinary, never boring. I consider this my perfect shade of grey much like Cupcake is my favorite shade of pink.


Monday, November 18, 2013


Epic, in colloquial terms, is anything that is legendary in proportions.

Volvo, defines Epic as ...

a split done by the 50-something Belgian - aka as Jean Claude van Damme. His accent is very adorable -(",)-*wink*

Bob Nicolas captured this epic proposal at the Quiapo church. The marching band playing Coldplay is legendary.

May we all have an epic week ahead.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's Your Excuse: Help Yolanda Victims

When Typhoon Haiyan hit Tacloban, Ormoc and the rest of the Philippines, it destroyed properties and claimed thousands of lives. Quoting a CNN article, "The damage was primarily caused by a wall of ocean water - a storm surge - so powerful it had even lifted up ships and tossed them onto dry land - onto what had been houses."  Someone even quoted on international tv "It was like a hurricane.. 4 hours of hurricane".  I never thought that the damage was so extensive until I read over social media that CNN set camp in Central Visayas and dedicated most of its news airtime covering the devastation caused by Yolanda/Haiyan.

My excuse for the indifference was a flu which turned to acute bronchitis the past 5 days. It's a lame excuse and I am sure some of us is guilty of this: no time, no resources, I am not affected at all. There are a number of ways to help and a number of organizations are running relief operations. 

I know majority of my blog readers are yuppies who may not have the time so I am sharing the personal effort that the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Cunanan (yikee! -(",)-*wink*) made to help the victim in small ways we can. Just a click and you can use your Paypal account or credit card. Easy peasy, ayt? Also, I personally believe that cash can go a long way given that whoever is coordinating can allocate the resources to what is needed and can also be used for sustainable help later on.

We contemplated on giving to international organizations with a better system to dole out relief but we thought that our own Philippine Red Cross needs all the help we can give. And so, if you are thinking a portion of your salary, here are the 3 organizations I am personally advocating.

3. World Vision's Help for Children. 

If you have a specific item you want to fund, CNN has a comprehensive list how you can help. Impact Your World!

If you are foodie, Anton of Our Awesome Planet has an extensive list how you can help while enjoying your favorite dish.

A word of caution though, here are some things that are least needed by the victims.

We are too blessed not to share what we have. What's your excuse not to help?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Team N&K Monogram

I have shared previously that I am a wedding monogram fan. In an image, you can convey the branding of your event and in this case, our partnership.  Our upcoming wedding is my perfect excuse to commission one. 

As a giddy bride-to-be, here's our big reveal.

The wreath symbolizes eternity, a team built to last forever. Of importance as well are the elements on the wreath: some of our favorite things. Can you name them? I love, love the dainty, delicate color combination.

A wedding monogram is one lovely way to personalize your wedding. 

If you want to tap the artist who crafted this: her name is Novia Zapata. She makes the nicest Save the Date and Invitation, btw. I can't wait to feature those and her on my blog.

Stay safe everyone!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Murad Facial

I pardon for the erratic Wedding Wednesday post. I try to be faithful but life happens but since I am in the mood tonight to share some of the exciting things I am doing for the wedding, we'll do a Wedding Wednesday on a Sunday.

Rustan's has a box full of surprises for brides-to-be. Registration at Rustan's Weddings and Beyond comes with Rustan's department store, hotel stay and meals, and Maiden Form discount cards; honeymoon raffle tickets to Guam and a bevy of make up (Chanel, La Prairie, etc) and facial services. 

I kid you not. Rustan's has excellent tie up with reputable brands!

This is on top of their excellent service and a complete guide book for your registry which only requires you to tick the box in a comprehensive list of kitchen, bedroom, bath and home items that would give peace of mind to would-be homemakers.

As part of my beauty regimen for the big day, I scheduled a classic facial at Murad (for free, c/o Rustan's) and this session had me giddy because it's my first time to have a facial... ever. Save for my wish to properly remove the white heads on my chin, I really don't feel the need to spend on a professional facial cleansing. Though, I plan on a series of face and body pampering for the big day 3 months prior to the wedding. It's a joy to receive free services when you least expect it.

Allow me to share my own Murad Facial experience and quench our curiosity about this most-talked-about facial. Murad Vitamin C facial restores radiance, boosting and brightening with Pure Vitamin C for age spots and sun damage. It reduces the appearance of unwanted pigmentation, restores elasticity and firmness, helps repair damage to skin's surface and prevent future damage. 

I availed the facial at Rustan's Alabang Town Center treatment room. It lasts for ~45 mins, covering face, neck and shoulder and a relaxing massage in between cream applications. Facial is simply your cleanse, tone and moisturize routine with proper dirt extraction, mask and massage. 

It starts with cleansing while citrus-smelling steam blows on your face. I tell you it's very relaxing. 

Then the therapist starts extracting the dirt from the face and this is when it gets a bit painful. Although, I believe the professional method prevents infection. 

Then the face is cleansed and some sort of antiseptic is applied in masterful stroke that's very calming. Gentle scrubbing follows and at this point, I have succumbed to the bliss that comes with the soothing stroke, luxurious feel and sweet smell of the creams.

Once the scrub is rinsed gently, mask follows and I added eye bag treatment wherein another cream is applied in the eye area. While the mask is soaking, the therapist massages the shoulders and upper back for 10 mins!

Then at ~45-60 min mark, toner, moisturizer and lip gloss are applied generously and thoroughly. This is one pampering service I am so sad to end. During the entire treatment, my skin really feels like being restored and my body rejuvenated.

This is me after the treatment with 5 hours of sleep, nothing but Murad creams on and a rejuvenated smile! I was a bit worried that the extracted pores will get infected but a week after the treatment, my skin is still holding up.

I would describe a Murad facial a luxurious experience. With the number of creams applied, the masterful stroke of the beauty technician and it's surprisingly cheap price, I say I am now a fan. As for its effect on my skin, I have yet to find out but I am going back for at least 1 treatment before the big day.

If you are thinking of having a bridal registry, Rustan's  Weddings and Beyond is a good choice taking into consideration their well-curated home items, excellent service and their out-of-this-world tie ups with other brands to give you a well-pampered bride-to-be experience.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow

Happy Halloween from my green toe nails! 

Perfect color for the occasion, eh? On my last visit to the salon I was in the mood for dark nails that isn't black hence I chose a shade that has grunge but is still classy enough to be worn at work and on a casual day. 

Presenting Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow.

It's practically black from afar and turns green when there is sufficient lighting. I find it tricky to wear especially if you don't have immaculate nails as it has the tendency to attract a lot of attention due to its unique shade.

I recommend this polish if you are looking for out of the ordinary dark nail color or a wearable shade of green. 

Before I say good night, the Alaskan Malamute I met during one of the Doggie Trick or Treat at my local mall greets everyone a Happy Halloween!

Dogs are simply the best!


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