Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's Your Excuse: Help Yolanda Victims

When Typhoon Haiyan hit Tacloban, Ormoc and the rest of the Philippines, it destroyed properties and claimed thousands of lives. Quoting a CNN article, "The damage was primarily caused by a wall of ocean water - a storm surge - so powerful it had even lifted up ships and tossed them onto dry land - onto what had been houses."  Someone even quoted on international tv "It was like a hurricane.. 4 hours of hurricane".  I never thought that the damage was so extensive until I read over social media that CNN set camp in Central Visayas and dedicated most of its news airtime covering the devastation caused by Yolanda/Haiyan.

My excuse for the indifference was a flu which turned to acute bronchitis the past 5 days. It's a lame excuse and I am sure some of us is guilty of this: no time, no resources, I am not affected at all. There are a number of ways to help and a number of organizations are running relief operations. 

I know majority of my blog readers are yuppies who may not have the time so I am sharing the personal effort that the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Cunanan (yikee! -(",)-*wink*) made to help the victim in small ways we can. Just a click and you can use your Paypal account or credit card. Easy peasy, ayt? Also, I personally believe that cash can go a long way given that whoever is coordinating can allocate the resources to what is needed and can also be used for sustainable help later on.

We contemplated on giving to international organizations with a better system to dole out relief but we thought that our own Philippine Red Cross needs all the help we can give. And so, if you are thinking a portion of your salary, here are the 3 organizations I am personally advocating.

3. World Vision's Help for Children. 

If you have a specific item you want to fund, CNN has a comprehensive list how you can help. Impact Your World!

If you are foodie, Anton of Our Awesome Planet has an extensive list how you can help while enjoying your favorite dish.

A word of caution though, here are some things that are least needed by the victims.

We are too blessed not to share what we have. What's your excuse not to help?

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