Friday, November 8, 2013

Team N&K Monogram

I have shared previously that I am a wedding monogram fan. In an image, you can convey the branding of your event and in this case, our partnership.  Our upcoming wedding is my perfect excuse to commission one. 

As a giddy bride-to-be, here's our big reveal.

The wreath symbolizes eternity, a team built to last forever. Of importance as well are the elements on the wreath: some of our favorite things. Can you name them? I love, love the dainty, delicate color combination.

A wedding monogram is one lovely way to personalize your wedding. 

If you want to tap the artist who crafted this: her name is Novia Zapata. She makes the nicest Save the Date and Invitation, btw. I can't wait to feature those and her on my blog.

Stay safe everyone!



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