Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays... on a Sunday!

I've been dropping hints about my wedding from time to time but I really haven't talked about it after my very personal bare all post about how "n+k" came to be. It's typical of me. I can talk extensively about things that I like to share but when it comes to topics that I want to keep to myself you can also expect me to be silent about it, even though I have thought about the topic in all possible permutations.

That's what's happening to our wedding planning and because I can't contain it anymore I will start a Wedding Wednesday habit and share whatever finds I have for those who are interested. Recently, I've been obsessing on the wedding monogram. A wedding monogram is the logo and branding your wedding carry. More than the initials and names it herald, the monogram communicates who you are as a couple and what the general feel of the wedding is. Now that we are about to share the celebration with family and friends, Person A and I find it important to communicate properly plus it's really fun to have your own monogram. We are thinking of carrying the monogram through our married life. Hence, it will become our renegade would-be family crest! :P

Since we are doing a sort-of D-I-Y wedding, I tried to search online to create our own branding. From the graphics to use and the font, we've discussed only to realize that we are much better at solving complex mathematical equations than putting all the curves, straight lines and circular objects in the right places. We're trying to address this through the help of friends and wedding suppliers we've encountered online.

Nonetheless, allow me to share the wedding monograms I tried to create online. A click on the color, typing your names and voila... in less than 30 seconds, you have your own wedding monogram!

Here's a classic one.

A less formal version 

Keso ba kamo?

We are leaning towards something like this

And lastly, for some reason we gravitate towards this Fantastic-Mr.-Fox looking monogram.

We stink. Period.

And if you're wondering why I am using the name "K" instead of Sol, because it's the name that Person A and family call me and I love it more than the Sol, Karen, Bikay and Bikang. Yes, some people call me Bikay, Kang, Bikang for 27 years!

And with this, I'll try to be faithful to the Wedding Wednesdays habit even on a Saturday! 

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