Monday, March 4, 2013

Random Musing # 46

Hi Friends, let me end my weekend  start the workweek with random things that caught my eye this last week. I'm actually cheating, I started the weekend earlier than most people because it was Muntinlupa Day, Friday and the Alabang folks don't get pasok.  I went around town to finish adult responsibilities and shop for curtains, linens and little kikay stuff to distract me from my stressors that day.

SM! We've got it all for you!

I started the week with a trip to Los Banos. On the way home, we dropped by Mernel's to take home the famous chocolate cake. I was introduced to Mernel's by my ex-colleagues. Mernel's chocolate cake is so fluffy - like bouncy, spongy, fluffy. It's not moist but it tastes home-made and the icing is so thick! Think 1990's home-made chocolate. Is it worth traveling to Los Banos to get Mernel's? Probably not. However, if you're in the area and dying to buy honest-to-goodness chocolate cake, then it's worth the try.

You can opt to write a dedication on the cake so I chose this. The heart-shaped cake can be explained by the fact that it's the smallest size and I can't think of any creative phrase to write. 

My witty, future siblings-in-law had this.

Inside joke.

Person A and I discovered a neighborhood pub which serves good Indian and British food and carries an excellent selection of English beer.

I promise to share it in my succeeding posts.

Then I was able to try the hailed Philippine-made corned beef. It's much better than the more famous local brands.

Is it better than Target or any Brazilian corned beef? I'm not so convinced. 

Second to the last, I was able to get myself my first set of make-up brushes and a new blush on. 

Just because. I had to throw out my first ever and only blush on because I had it for 5 years already. Eeeewwww....

Finally, I was able to complete my Lego set. Hello there little ones.

So that's my weekend report. I hope I can get back to regular blogging with the wedding preparations that SHOULD go full blast.

Should, being the operative word.

Have a great week ahead. -(",)-*wink*

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