Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mandarine Spa

Massage is one of the best stress-reliefs known to mankind. I love getting my muscles released of tension through Swedish strokes. Now that I've transferred neighborhood, I am excited to try the massage places in the good ole South. After a quick Google search, I was convinced that Mandarine Spa offers the best massage in the Filinvest area. 

One Friday night, I invited Person A to Bellevue Hotel to try Mandarine Reflexology and Spa. They are known for their foot reflexology but I wanted to get a full-body massage, so we availed of a 1.5 hour full-body Swedish massage. Due to a prior appointment, the establishment is kind enough to accommodate us on a different time slot. This is Mandarine's lobby: much better than most spas welcoming area: 

plush carpet, cold temperature, calming music, nothing less of a 4-star hotel spa

and the exclamation point: hot red dates tea!

I tell you, this tea is very soothing, calming and sweet! Anyone who's a non-tea lover would like it. According to, when dried... red dates are high in potassium, vitamins B1&B2. It is believed to relieve stress, an antifungal and anti-inflammatory, improve digestion and used to relieve sore throat.

After 5 minutes, we were ushered to our massage room. The amenities exceeded my expectation considering that I paid much less than your average 4-star hotel spa.

The room has 2 massage beds with soft but firm mattress. A lot of side pillow to provide support to different body parts and lots of soft, fresh towels.

Then if you don't want to use the jacuzzi, the room comes with your own bath where you can take a shower before the massage. That's the door to the right. It is a must for me to take a shower before a massage because after one, I end up going home and sleep - without taking a bath. I am not a fan of taking a bath at least 4 hours after a massage. 

The bath is very zen, Asian: rain shower, nice stones and comes with liquid bath amenities. Towels and robes are also fluffy.

I tell you, for PhP 1350 for a 1.5 hour massage, I say everything is a steal.

Now on to the massage!

When our therapists arrive, massage begins with stretching then an hour is spent kneading the back and legs. The strokes are very soothing and consistent like you can't feel that there's only one person massaging you. An hour into the massage, the therapist will get a warm towel to wipe off the oil and soothe your body. 

I like the massage. Person A is still undecided - he's meticulous, like that. 

Here's the list of services.

I will definitely come back if I can't think of any better massage place and I have the moolah to splurge. My value for money massage is somewhere in Pasay Road, Makati and comes at PhP 300/hour. The amenities are very spartan but the massage is good and you can go get 3 hours of bliss, if you like.

While driving along Commerce Avenue, we noticed the sign that Mandarine Spa is opening in West Gate. 

Stay tuned.

Mandarine Spa
Westgate, Filinvest Corporate City

The Bellevue Manila
Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa
Daily 1PM-11PM

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