Monday, March 25, 2013

Musings Over Bulalo

While driving my girl friends to Tagaytay and back via the Tagaytay parking lot (aka Aguinaldo highway), our discussion veered towards bulalo. Not the Leslie's nor Rose and Grace bulalo but the Bisayang nilagang baka. Fresh cow meat, slow-cooked for at least 2 hours (not pressure-cooked), flavored by rock salt and sweetened with cabbage and bananas. 

This is what my childhood and Sundays were made of back in the day. Ahhhh... heaven. This what you discuss when you're turtle-ing and snailing your way back to Manila. 

So, for a week, I craved for my home-cooked nilagang baka. At its worst, my mouth watered. I am that gross. Anyhoo, last Saturday, I ordered a bowl from Kanin Club and while savoring the almost-there taste I am looking for, I opened up the topic to Person A, 

"Do you think I will be a housewife?" 

It was an interesting conversation, we both dreamt (he and I like that I become a housewife) but we are realists (our bills, commitments and responsibilities) are piling up and it's nowhere going down in the next decade so we came to a conclusion that yes it may happen but I might have to become a Martha Stewart or a Daphne Osena. Tipong pangalang pa lang, kumikita na. Lifestyle brand.

Dream big.

So anyway, in my quest to become the next Martha Stewart, allow me to share the decors I made for a Baby Shower that I organized.

I apologize for the blurry photo, my camera decided to conk out on me that day. Also, it is on purpose that I blurred out the face of the lovely pregnant lady - privacy reasons. 

Here's the bunting.

And the registration game that occupied the participants while waiting for the event to start. 

Back of an illustration board and pink chalk. Throw in a bunting pinned with a clothes pin and add a bowl of pink and white marshmallow. Dainty DIY.

This is my pinterest board for this baby shower.
You know, what's the best part, everything is so easy to prepare. A quick search on google for free baby shower printables and invites, I requested a certain group to cut it out and set things up, another group ordered the food, I did a google search of possible games and voila, baby shower with 5-minutes conceptualization, 1-hour to set-up (I am not really sure) and an hour of friends getting together.

Easy peasy.

Here's another project in my studio (aka my home). This is the wall by my mini welcoming area. 

Photo montage and asymmetrical posters from SM. I thought hard what should be on the wall (clearly, pagkain na naman nasa utak ko), the color scheme and the photos. 

Person A helped me execute everything. Read: wala na naman akong ginawa at nang-utos na naman ako!

Baby steps... to become the next Martha Stewart. Or maybe I should stick to what I do best: bully people.

Here's a cupcake that I want to bake and design in the future.

Soooo cuuuutteeee.... and it tastes yummy.

And so... until my next Martha Stewart attempt. 


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