Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Epic Fail

Failure is defined as contorting yourself to the most awkward yet you-think-you're-the-guru position in yoga class for an agonizing 90 minutes (not 45, not 60 but 90 minutes!) and having hazelnut ice cream afterwards....

Aaaaaahhhhh..... iiiiiicccceeee ccccrrreeeeeeaaaaammmm!!!! 

Top it with corn flakes.... et voila! Heaven in a cup. 

Just enough to distract me from the pain that intensifies as the hours go by. The hazelnut ice cream is Casino Hazelnut and Chocolate. It's strength is the fact that it's hazelnut and you can rarely get hazelnut ice cream from local brands. However, it's not really thick and tastes just okay. A plus is it's not as expensive as other imported ice cream.

Never mind the calories, I just contorted myself again earlier to burn the calories I gained and now I'm having this psychological battle with the ice cream sitting in the fridge.

I must win against the ice cream!

Like most things in life, it's a vicious cycle. 


  1. i used to do that too after gym.. then eat a lot :) hehehehe but i go to the gym in the morning too.. so medyo lamang ang calorie burn vs eating hahaha i hope i make sense hahaha

  2. Hello there, IM BFF :) kinain ko na naman yung ice cream, may ginger ale pa! 0_0



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