Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just Like Old Times

I just came from the coffee shop to finish a frappuccino and read a few chapters. On a Sunday afternoon.

Good times!

I used to do this very often... until I got fat and a bit busy. Though I still read a book whenever I can and have my coffee minus the whipped cream and all the sugar and fat it contains.

The initial intent was to make a stop at Moonleaf Makati to get my wintermelon milk tea fix. And like their branch in QC, you can't figure out the schedule on Sundays. It's closed!

So I went to the coffee shop.

And speaking of old times, let me show you a picture I snapped at home (my real home back in the province) last Christmas.

Me with my tutu when I was 7!

I miss ballet... dancing ... a lot. One day, we'll be reunited, probably I'll do jazz.

Also take notice of our Last Supper frame and the GIANT spoon which comes with a GIGANTIC fork on the other side of the painting.

I don't get the spoon and fork thing. Typical Pinoy Dining Area.

I miss home.


  1. Maganda ba ang 50 shades of grey? :)

  2. Entertaining Tot but.. not great. -(",)-*wink* It's a girl's book... fantasy, fairy tale type. Escapism... Hehehe

    I'll recommend it because it's entertaining.



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