Monday, May 21, 2012

Tonkatsuya: The Best Katsudon in Town

I love Japanese cuisine.

It generally tastes delicate and not too flavorful. I especially like ramen (or whatever Japanese hot noodle), it's my ultimate comfort food. I eat ramen when I am sad and I eat ramen when I am happy. 

I love Japanese TTTTHHHHIIIIISSSSS much that our default Friday night date place is Little Tokyo near Makati Cinema Square. 

I am yet to try most of the Japanese places along Pasay Road. 

Apart from noodles, katsudon is also a staple during our mini Japanese feasts.

Katsudon is a popular Japanese rice bowl topped with deep-fried pork cutlet, egg and condiments. Its name is derived from tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and donburi (rice bowl dish). 

It has become a modern ritual for Japanese students to eat katsudon before an exam because the work "katsu" is a homophone of the verb "to win".

I am especially lucky since my neighborhood Japanese restaurant serves the best katsudon in town: Tonkatsuya. The place is in an obscure condo building in San Antonio Village, Makati. 

The pork cutlet is exceptionally soft while the condiment flavor has the right sweet and salty mix. Like no other! Most restaurants either get the pork right or the condiment great. Not together. 

An order costs PhP 220. 

Bloggers have been talking about this hole in the wall restaurant, some even consider this as the best Japanese place in the metro. I am not ecstatic about the Chasue Ramen (pictured) but I go crazy with their Udon - noodles with egg. Perfect with katsudon!

The place can only sit around 30, has a carinderia feel and prices are ~ PhP 200 per dish.

I also read that the Katsu Chef (he's Japanese, btw) can cook for you for a very reasonable price. Imagine the possibilities!

In case you are interested.

LG, Palm Tower - B,
7706 St. Paul Road
San Antonio Village
Mon-Sun, 10AM - 9PM

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