Friday, November 1, 2013

Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow

Happy Halloween from my green toe nails! 

Perfect color for the occasion, eh? On my last visit to the salon I was in the mood for dark nails that isn't black hence I chose a shade that has grunge but is still classy enough to be worn at work and on a casual day. 

Presenting Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow.

It's practically black from afar and turns green when there is sufficient lighting. I find it tricky to wear especially if you don't have immaculate nails as it has the tendency to attract a lot of attention due to its unique shade.

I recommend this polish if you are looking for out of the ordinary dark nail color or a wearable shade of green. 

Before I say good night, the Alaskan Malamute I met during one of the Doggie Trick or Treat at my local mall greets everyone a Happy Halloween!

Dogs are simply the best!

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