Saturday, October 19, 2013


I feel blessed this very moment. To start with, I am home early on a Saturday night giving me ample time to tidy up my place and sit down to do what I want to do: blog, probably watch TV then curl up in bed later. More importantly, God has also gifted me with peace of mind which is exactly what I need now, in the next few months and for the rest of my life. (Very important!) In this state of bliss, allow me to share how awesome God is and most likely in the process He is blessing me so I can be a blessing to others. 

Purpose-driven life!

First off, I won a new phone in the company raffle! Woot woot! You see, I haven't bought a phone in ~ 3 years; the one I am using is either a hand-me-down or a mobile plan freebie and so now I have upgraded to a phablet (phone tablet), albeit an Android one but who cares "Beggars can't be choosers". 

I can now finally surf on the go and you guys can now add me up on Whatsapp =P.

You know what else makes this win extra sweet... Person A also won an ipad mini! Can we all say we're soooo blessed! 

Moving on to something with substance, we have obtained our Marriage License and completed the canonical interview with the Parish Priest of the diocese where we are getting married. 

I had so much fun during the interview with Fr. Milo that I felt kulang ang airtime! Groom and bride were interviewed separately and Person A wondered why he could hear me laughing when the questions were typically about your views on sanctity of marriage vows and procreation. Masarap lang makipagchikahan sa pari. No need to worry about the dreaded canonical interview, not intimidating at all.

With the legal and religious requirements almost done, we are ready to be married anytime we want to (read: elope). Maybe this is one crazy thing I can do in this lifetime.

After the very foggy drive, we stopped for lunch at Breakfast at Antonio's and had the best corned beef in this part of the planet. 

It's tasty, very soft (guaranteed tinga-free!), and so good with brewed coffee

And the German and French version of wasabi. Tastes like wasabi, right?

Breakfast food is always good while reading magazines and then finish off with a stack of pancakes. 

Speaking of brunch, I finally had the chance to see this book art at Fully-Booked BGC after lunch with friends last Tuesday. 

Holiday bliss: time spent with friends.

Back to food, here's for dinner tonight: tsukumen (dipping noodles).

Mitsuyado Sei-men's noodle place is worth the visit: food is good and the ambiance feels authentic. 

Lastly, my best pick me-upper for the week is this heap of white confection. 

This is my 40% finished wedding dress and when I put it on after the last time I saw it in July (it was during my lining fitting), I was floored. The executed drawing made my heart skipped a bit: I like the shade of white used, the simplicity of the design and how it turned out to be quite familiar yet refreshing at the same time. 

To quote Bart: "It's simple pero rock". Hehe please indulge my kilig. Now I totally understand why every bride is excited about THE dress. I can hardly wait to share my experience (after the wedding, promise!) and the awesome, talented designer who makes me feel very confident that the dress will turn out just as how I imagined it to be and more. 

Thank you Kat, Bart, Tita Merly and Person A (even though you had to isolate yourself in the atelier) for joining me this afternoon. 

With that, allow me to do a jump shot before I say good night.


I wish you all a blessed weekend.

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