Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random Sunday Story

With everyone rushing to get things done before 2013 ends, I am again caught up in the year end rush. God made it extra special for me this year by teaching valuable lessons along the way. It's a tough life but I always remind myself that God  has the best plan for me and whenever it seems like the end of the tunnel is nowhere in sight, I just need to trust because he is molding me into the best person I can be.

Enough of the cryptic negativity and let me focus on the things I am grateful for.

I am again back in the Japanese food game and this time around it's a no brainer. I've always been a katsudon girl but Yabu's Tonkatsu is the bomb. 

I love that the meat is very tender and everything on the tray pairs well with the non-oily and delicate meat: miso soup, the sesame sauce, cabbage with wasabi sauce!

My addiction now amounts to Yabu twice a week... and it just opened at Alabang Town Center, I can feel it's gonna be downhill from here... at least for my waistline.

Oh yeah, best to play PvZ while grinding the sesame seeds.

Then I had the chance to visit Marriot Manila, I say posh. Perfect for those who love the urban lifestyle. Impressive lobby.

I am also impressed by the room albeit small for its price. The bed is plush and since the facility is still new, the bathroom is very enticing and so I tried the bubble bath.

Aaaahhhh... heaven.

Since the month of September is my birthday month, I'd like to say thanks to the sponsors of my beautiful flowers.

Red roses as a get well soon on your birthday present.

Then pink, white and green for my official birthday bouquet, my favorite.

Look at how beautiful the blooms are.

Yellow bouquet from friends! 

Very refreshing.

And because I can't get enough of flowers, when the bouquets have wilted, I dropped by Dangwa and with PhP240, I was able to get 6 dozens of green buttons and filled 5 vases at home with greens. 


Flowers can effortlessly beautify a home.

What goes well with green? Try red!

After yoga tonight, I had this for dinner.

Fresh strawberry smoothie. Tastes like strawberry ice cream without the guilt: fresh milk, fresh strawberry and minimal sugar. 

Just to make sure that I am trying to balance the tonkatsu calories, here's the grocery basket today.

Woot woot! Cheers to a healthy week for all of us!

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