Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Ring

Person A's wedding ring is finally in our possession after months of window shopping, deciding what we want and dropping in and out of the local branch of the jewelry shop to try it on. Being the low EQ person that I am, I asked him to wear it and our conversation went like this:

Me: *with all the excitement in the world* Try it on! Try it on!
Person A; *tries it on*
Me: Ay! Di ka na kid... adult ka na *pouts* mukha ka ng adult....

Hahaha! I always see us as kids ... more of childlike and seeing the ring on him is a bit bittersweet. Then again, I will finally put a ring on it and that is the best feeling in the world. :P

Allow me to share the criteria we used to choose our rings. Unlike most couples, we thought of "spending" on our wedding rings since we will wear it for the rest of our lives and it is a symbol of our marriage. 

Or yeah, we just like pretty accessories.

1. For the gentleman: Person A wants a simple band, with a little classy design and it has to be well-crafted.  
2. For the lady: I want something that complements my engagement ring: brings out the design at the same time stylish enough not to be drowned by the main diamond.
3. The same metal as my engagement ring. I plan to wear both on my left ring finger and probably stack a guard ring for the engagement ring. Ho-hum! -(",)-*wink* stackable rings!
4. Well-crafted - it shows easily where there are weaknesses in the make.

No offense to the local industry but generally, a lot can still be improved on the craftmanship as well as if you weigh "cost per (weight and quality of material used)" it doesn't come close to a Blue Nile or a Tiffany's ring.

Blue Nile has the cheapest ring for the quality and craftmanship whereas if you are willing to shell out more for a heavier and extremely well-made ring, you gotta give it to Tiffany's. Also, stock comes in gold, white gold, platinum and different sizes from 3 to the biggest. Overall, I find Blue Nile value for money.

And so, here are my picks from both jewelry shops.

Blue Nile Twist Diamond Ring - perfect for rings with prominent engagement ROCKS.

Blue Nile Pave Pink Sapphire - if you are in the mood for some delicate colors. 

Blue Nile Baguette Diamond - I consider this very classy. This pairs well with the baguettes on my engagement ring. Hmmm... we'll see.

Blue Nile U-Prong Seven Stone Diamond - can easily drown an engagement ring but maybe very pretty worn on its own.

Tiffany's classic milgrain band.

Tiffany's 3-row sophisticate.

Tiffany's channel set - classy baguette and round diamond design. Perfect for those with long, delicate fingers.

Tiffany's Lucida - one ring anyone? The weight and make of this ring is unbelievable. Awesome.

Like all the elements of your wedding and eventually marriage, the choice of wedding band is a team decision. We opted for separate designs that symbolize our relationship as well as fits our individual style. 

I am still in the process of getting my ring. There are days that I want this, then there are days that I want but what gets me more excited is the moment that I will physically hold the ring and the thought this accessory which I will wear for the rest of my life will be a symbol of my happiness.

I am keso, I rest my case.

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