Monday, August 19, 2013

Sponge Bob (aka Paronychia post Ungiectomy)

Meet Sponge Bob, also known, as my left big toe after it has been dressed. Photo taken today at 17:58, Asian Hospital.

Don't ask, I just came up with that name after the Operating Room nurse asked me if I feel dizzy - for the 3rd time post operation. The local anesthesia, perhaps? Or as always, I am plain crazy. 

While the entire Metro Manila is battling the torrential rain (I hope everyone is safe!), I was looking forward to treating my 9-day old paronychia - aka as ate-manicurista,-you-totally-botched-my-nail-and-i-am-never-having-it-done-by-you-nor-your-salon-ever-again.  

As explained by the doctor, it's in-grown toenail that has been pushed in the nail-bed hence the infection. A day after my pedicure, the redness and swelling began, on the second day, I was limping and by the 3rd day, I was crying in pain that I want to rush to the ER and have cut off my toe. Not to mention that pus (eeewwww!) that drains itself off - super nakakawala poise!

Not kidding, it was so painful and it developed it's own heartbeat! 

After consultation with a Doctor, I was told to treat the infection with antibiotics but if the swelling does not subside, it may be ingrown and have to be referred to a Surgeon for Incision and Drainage (I&D).

As defined by Wikipedia, a paronychia, is a nail disease that is an often-tender bacterial or fungal infection of the foot where the nail and skin meet at the side or base of a toenail. It is treated by ungiectomy - toenail removal when a patient is suffering from an ingrown toenail.

I was unable to exercise for a week, my left big toe was swollen, red and very painful. Hassle.

So what really happens if you go for a nail operation the one na hindi sa iyong friendly-neigborhood-manicurista, you'll be treated as a regular patient.

Wait at the OR's holding area - at this point - visitors are not allowed. 

I was asked to dress in the hospital's gown and lay down on the gurney. Then my mind went, oooopppsss... I thought, we'll just go through this operation sitting down. I got scared and started texting my mom and Person A (who was waiting for me at the OR lounge). Haha!

After a series of interviews by everyone (doctor, nurse, doctor, nurse, nurse, nurse... seriously?) I was wheeled in to the Operating Room and my awesome surgeon was waiting for me. And his greeting was "Akala mo i-Indianin kita, no?" He was referring to a number of phone calls I made to confirm if he's coming in for our appointment - walang pasok ngayon, ayt?

Then he started doing his thing, the painful bit was injecting the local anesthesia on the swollen portion and he was very kind trying to relax me. He played music on his iPhone during the procedure :) He even talked me through what he's doing on the would-be Sponge Bob: drainage, removal of the nail, dressing the wound and voila - done in 15 minutes!

He also prepared my Philhealth form, the after-care needed and asked me to show up at his clinic tomorrow for him to dress the wound.

Thank you, Dr. Shirard Adiviso. If you're looking for a General Surgeon at Asian Hospital, try to look him up. 

I'd like to wrap up this post with lessons learned: 

1. Be extra careful when you have a pedicure - make sure that wounds don't get infected nor nails don't get pushed to your skin. 
2. Once infected, always go to the doctor. 

It may be a long time before I post another nail polish entry - I will have to learn to co-exist with my cuticles. 

Better that way.


  1. Hi Erin :) Thanks for reading my blog :) without insurance, ~9K :)

  2. Thanks for replying, mejo mahal pala. Would you know if there are other hospitals who offer the same services? Malayo kasi asian hospital from my place. Btw, how was your toe after the operation?

    1. You're welcome Erin. I think most hospitals offer the procedure. Go ask lang the General Surgeon :)

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