Monday, March 26, 2012

Live A.I.D.S.

If you can only watch one comedy show in the year, I'd recommend Live A.I.D.S for two reasons: 

1. The lines are witty, intelligent takes on current events and pop culture 
2. The stand-up comedians won't put you on the spotlight of shame

Live A.I.D.S. (Ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng Samaskom)  is a musical-comedy-variety show produced by UP Samaskom, a student organization of the UP College of Mass Communication. It is dubbed as a "parody of life" packaged in spoofs, skits, dance and song numbers.

It's a shame that I didn't watch Live AIDS as a student in UP. The show came consciously in our radar last year because Person A's officemate, a UP Samaskom alumnus, was peddling tickets for the show. Unfortunately, I was out of town on its one-weekend run, hence only Person A got to watch the show in 2011. He immensely enjoyed it that he thinks we shouldn't miss it this year

Here's my take as a "virgin" (that's how UP Samaskom puts it) Live AIDs viewer. The theme is "Before and Laughter", a series of independent sketches through time from the Mayan civilization to the jejemons.

The Highlights

1. Amaya

Amaya opened the show convincing the audience how the aMAYAN civilization is still present in the Philippines and the world. Amaya's lines were a hit especially the Blessed Viscuit Marie (B.V.M.).
2. Adele and the Kilogrammy Awards

She's doing a parody of Adele's Grammys thank you speech and the compelling story behind her hit songs. British accent with Tagalog meaning.

Very funny.

3. Whetney Houston!

S/he's the most natural among all the performers: s/he can sing, the versions s/he can do with "I... and Iiiii... will alwaaayyysss... love you", and the way s/he delivers it.

I find the entire act very funny.

4. The Himala, No Other Woman, Asiong Salonga and Zombading Mash Up

The famous movies of 2011 pirated in one DVD. The DVD features 3D (Yes! Walang Himaaallllaaaa!), character mix up and delivered in different languages. 


5. Pokemon, Jejemon and Bekemon

The Alamat ng Pinya delivered by 3 prominent groups of people in our society nowadays. The sketch is too long but if we just zero in on their specific versions, it's really hilarious.


She's the director of the entire show.


He's the writer. 

Goojab UP Samaskom!

In Summary

1. Live AIDS is one of the best comedy shows in town, if not the best. The content is well-thought of, funny and very witty minus the spotlight of shame common in comedy bars. I think everyone should watch this  show. At PhP 200 a ticket, it's worth it.

2. However, the set is raw and costume is not the best of quality. This is forgivable considering that everyone in the production team is a full-time student and the is staged at the end of the second semester, hence they also have exams to attend to.

3. This is good for outing with friends and a date with the special someone. If you're on a first date, please make sure that the person you're trying to impress appreciates this form of entertainment. Please don't bring children under the age of 12 as there might be some adult content. 

4. There are only about 5 shows each year which run in one weekend around March/April. If you plan to watch Live AIDS, make sure you know someone who can secure a ticket for you. I heard it's really difficult to obtain one due to high demand. Your best bet are alumni of UP Samaskom and UP students. 

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