Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Forget About Driving in Stilettos

I take pride in the fact that I drive in my stilettos. Okay, that's exaggerating but I DON'T take off my heeled-footwear and exchange it for rubber slippers when I drive.

Case in point, I've driven in all these foot wears, 3 inches and all. I just smile when friends find it amusing that I drive in heels.

However, last Monday, I discovered  an article of clothing that I find challenging to drive in. Forget about driving in stilettos, I find it more challenging to drive in pencil-cut skirt!

The smaller circumference at the hem makes it difficult for the legs to move between the brake and the accelerator. I first noticed this when I wore a jersey, pencil-cut dress while attending a wedding early this year but I brushed it off and hiked the skirt up for better flexibility.

It was a different story for the wool, office skirt. It did not give much flexibility. Nonetheless, I mitigated the challenge by driving carefully.

Just sharing.

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