Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mission Accomplished

In 2 hours, I was able to crowd Jellybean's trunk with these:

Goodies from one of my favorite wastelands

Kiwi chocolates

And some travel accessories

No these are not mine to give but at no cost, I was Person A's personal shopper. Let me know if you are interested to avail of my services. Just kidding.

Sa dami ng pinamili ko, parang tatakbong class president lang ang drama. Seriously, his friends have been witness to the generosity and selflessness of this person especially when it comes to non-material things.

Let's keep this short and sweet.

I hope you are done with your Christmas shopping. If you haven't yet, family and friends won't mind if you help out the victims of Sendong in their name. *hint* *hint* I personally think this is the best Christmas gift this season.

Merry Christmas!

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