Monday, May 13, 2013

Early Bird Breakfast Club: Beautiful Breakfast Morning, Noon, and Night

In celebration of World Communication Day, allow me to communicate my hearty breakfast yesterday courtesy of the Early Bird Breakfast Club. Waking up late on a Saturday morning and having brunch with friends are always love.


The Place

Since we all have errands at The Fort area, our group of 4 met up at this new breakfast joint. Meals with the BBs is always a joy. They're one of the nicest and sweetest couple you'll ever meet... not to mention smartest, too. Try googling their names, you'll know what I mean.


I digress.

The place has the right amount of quirky feel toned down by dainty colors. It's actually very pretty and has that warm, welcoming feel.


The interiors also has that 'I make you happy vibe'.


I love the place that I asked Person A to take a photo of me with the green wall.


I am loving green these days.

The Food

It's one of the best breakfast experience I can remember in recent months. The food is divine. I describe the breakfast: gourmet - a few steps short of becoming fine dining breakfast.

Choco Banana Berry French Toast (PhP 295)

A combination of Nutella, fresh bananas and blueberry jam between caramelized French toast.

french toast

All the ingredients were precisely measured to come up with the best tasting choco french toast. The chocolatey flavor of nutella was just right married with the citrusy taste of blueberry and velvety flavor of banana. The toast is also perfect.

Serving size is generous for 1 and can be shared by 2. The presentation is also excellent. I rate this a 10.

Person A chose the savory to go with the toast and so here are his picks.

Sausage Skillet (PhP 275)

Breakfast bites for the big boys! Hot plate of Spanish chorizo, English banger, hashed potatoes and caramelized onions.


The taste is very delicate - that's a plus for a dish with very flavorful ingredients. You will not get that oily aftertaste and goes well with my toast.
For someone who is not a big sausage fan, I like this.

Spanish Omelette (PhP 275)

A European favorite made with potatoes, onions and tomatoes served with warm toast.


The egg lightly wraps the nicely done potatoes. Flavors are masterfully blended to make a great omelette. I can't say though if it's the best tasting Spanish omelette.

Our companions had this

French toast fondue


Winner the presentation, right?

Early Bird Croque Monsieur


And an unidentified excellent breakfast


Hazelnut Latte (PhP 120)


The coffee was okay - nothing remarkable. It's not as hazelnut-flavored as I expect it to be.

In Summary

1. The place is pretty. The interiors has that ambiance that conveys breakfast can indeed make your day. It's perfect for daytime romantic date (I guarantee you, you'll make a thousand pogi points), meals with the family - bring the kids and great catch up place with the girl friends.

2. The food is the place's strongest suit. I categorize the fare as gourmet breakfast with excellent combination of ingredients, delicate taste, excellent presentation and ample serving size.

3. The price slides to upper mid-range but for the ambiance and food quality, I think it's worth it.

Unit C G/F Fort Pointe 2 Bldg,
The Fort Complex, 28th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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