Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hill Station Cafe: Talk of the Town

I am still dreaming of Hill Station's callos - the sinful fat is heavenly soft while the sauce has the most delicate taste making it the best callos I've had so far. Now, I am getting ahead of the entry. Over the weekend, I headed to Baguio with a number of friends to attend a wedding. Because we just had one major agenda and some time to spare, the next best thing to do is to eat. 

Yeah, I was with the right crowd: the "Drive all the way to Baguio and eat" kind. Once we realized that we have a spare night after the bridal shower, Person A (aka the Driver) searched for the best place to eat in town and  suggested Hill Station. 

It's the only restaurant in Baguio which made it to the Miele Guide. I wouldn't think for a second to reserve a table in the restaurant. 
The Place

Although situated in the crowded city center of Baguio, once you descend the stairs you will have an impression that it's a quaint and lovely converted old house with hardwood flooring, big windows and very warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Reminds you of a well-preserved ancestral home. 

There are artworks, clay pots and home-made products. The pieces of furniture are hardwood and I love the staircase that we can't help but take our photos on the steps.

The Food

If you made it to the Miele Guide, I think it is safe to say that the Professional Foodies think you serve good food. That should give us regular foodies ( aka lamon lang ng lamon) some assurance that we are making a good decision. 

The complementary bread is fluffy and soft. The selling point is the herb that comes with the oil - unique but good.
Beef Salpicao (PhP 150)

The beef is soft and tender, it's not oily and very tasty. It is categorized as an appetizer but if you order rice with it, solve na! If you like salpicao, this is a good order.

Cambodian Coriander & Garlic Chicken (PhP 380)
Marinated overnight and charbroiled, this herb-y tasting dish is a good fare if you prefer chicken. Meat is very tender and its strength lies in the spices that were used to flavor the dish.

Spanish Callos (PhP 370)

On top of my opening line, I just wanna add that this callos is to die for. I almost finished a whole cup of rice because it tastes very delicate - just the right amount of everything. Another description would be: comfort food - perfect for the cold Baguio weather. 

Ice Cream Palette (~PhP 150)

Winner the presentation, right? It comes in 5 flavors but since we went at night, we were only able to have the vanilla with spice, mango and rum, mexican avocado with some spice and strawberry. The ice cream is very creamy with silky texture and has that authentic flavor of its source ingredient. What makes this dessert unique is the addition of spices - which add kick to your usual flavor. 

Our group loved it so much that we ordered another palette. It doesn't matter that it's less than 20C outside.

In Summary

1. The place has a great ambiance: with its old-world charm and classic furnishing. It is a great place for anything: family gathering, smart casual gathering with friends and you will impress your date if you take him/her there.

2. Food is its strongest suit. The way it's cooked, ingredients used and presentation are all winners. I think it earned its Miele Guide status.

3. I say price is value for money, given the food quality and ambiance.

Case Vallejo, Upper Session Road
Mon - Sun 7AM - 11PM

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