Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alexandre: The French Bakery and Bistro

Last Sunday, I had brunch with friends in this lovely French restaurant at the corner of 31st and 1st streets in Bonifacio Global City.

I am a fan of CafĂ© Breton and given that French cuisine always has this light feel and taste to it, you can rarely go wrong with any dish that you order. My first encounter with Alexandre is their bread display both at Rustan’s Makati and Power Plant. According to its website, it is a bakery, bistro and a lounge so one can deduce that it caters to the young and not so young crowd.

The subdued black and white interior of the shop with its warm lighting gives it a cozy, inviting feel. You can also opt to dine al fresco, but given the summer heat, it is much wiser to enjoy the food inside.

Breakfast Bonjour (PhP 250)

Alexandre is a bread place. If you choose to order this make sure you share it with at least 2 people because it is 2 baskets full of bread.

Assorted fancy breads and petit croissants: Butter chocolate and almond, accompanied by Honey, Strawberry and Mango Marmalade.

Generally, the bread is one of the better ones. It’s plain and has minimal flavor but the texture of the bread got to be the reason for you to order it. I can imagine pairing it with my cappuccino or even brewed coffee. 

Kahit instant nga.

If I get to choose one, it has to be the almond croissant. The texture plus the flavor makes it unique and wanting you to come back for more.

The order comes with a hot beverage.

I like the marking on the mug.

Le Cirque (PhP 170)

For this sandwich, you can choose your bread among Rye, walnut, walnut and raisin, Ciabatta traditional baguette or whole wheat baguette with chicken.

The presentation is nice and the taste is decent. It’s not unique to the point that you’ll be coming back for it.

Pizza Quatre Formages (PhP 399)

Classic four cheese pizza with thin crust. I like the fact that it’s served on a wood base, the serving size is good for 4 people and the cheeses taste fresh.

I say, “Yum!”

Spinach Ricotta Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce (PhP 310)

This is an Italian-French dish. Italian because of the “re-cooked” cheese (that’s how ricotta is made, just in case you’re interested). French, pertaining to the Bechamel sauce which is made from milk and is a staple in French cuisine.

Given the dish’s origin, I expected it to be light. And light it is so I can barely taste the flavor. I would’ve wanted this to be on the saltier side. Le best friend (not Person A) agrees with me too.

Person A’s Order (which I forgot to take down hence I don’t know how much, too)

Essentially tastes like menudo but made with chicken.

The good thing is it is made with tomato sauce so you can enjoy the tomato goodness. The rice is herbed, I believe.

Iced Latte (PhP 100)

Latte is good. Real Coffee.

Blended Mocha (PhP 125)

This is also good. Though, the blended choice does not pair well with my lasagna. Too flavorful. I would’ve been fine with an iced one.

Apart from these, they have a wide selection of pastries, cakes, crepes, salads, sandwiches, lasagnas, pizzas, coffee, wines and beers.

It has a pretty website too. So chic in black and white. 

So French.

In Summary:

1. I am going back to Alexandre primarily for its ambiance. I can say it is pretty and I can imagine having brunch with friends or having a night cap with a date. The food is decent but still can improve a lot.

2. Breads and croissants are definitely one of the better ones. That is if you don’t mind paying a little bit more. Price point slides to the more expensive side though it doesn’t scrimp on the serving size.

The Grand Hamptons Tower 2
31st cor 1st Sts.
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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