Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cuteness That Is

Photo: Atan Caparas

Ain't he adorable? This photo captures my travel essentials: water, my point and shoot camera and Fifi!

May it be in a remote mangrove forest

Or at the Colosseum in Rome

He has done it all. Almost.

We'll get there.

Fifi is named after Jane Goodall's chimpanzee from Tanzania.  Miss Goodall has contributed an enormous amount of information about chimpanzee behavior, their survival and how it relates to human existence.

Fifi, the chimpanzee is a she while our Fifi is a he.

As for the Fifi Meets World idea, it was largely inspired by the jet-setting gnome from the movie Amelie. The gnome sets off on a journey around the world sending snapshots to the owner - Amelie's father.

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